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    Hello during the last year I have collected a couple of images with these makers marks on. They were marks on British Army cutlery. These “J.L” marks shown in my in composite photo brought me to this post. Both the marks in my photo show that the items were manufacture in 1955 and this is well in “Lodge’s” period of life. Are there out on the forum, people, with any more firm information that could identify the manufacturer of the cutlery with the pictured marks? I have seen on line a “J.L.Ltd” mark being attached to the “James Lodge” company along with “blades” on line with the full name on. Obviously I am hoping my “J.L” is that Sheffield manufacturer. Yours Kalfred Photo suggested to be a James Lodge Ltd mark
  2. Hello, thank you SteveHB and Tozzin for your responses. I checked again using “Fry & Wigfull” on the net. I found plenty of knives advertised with the full trade name for the company and the going out of business notification. Little else seemed to surface. Was the company “residual” from Lee & Wigfull or just a coincidence to have that particular Shefffield ”electroplate” name? I believe now that it is likely that the contract for my military knives was fulfilled by “Fry & Wigfull”, but it would be nice to have something more than “circumstantial” evidence. Thanks Kalfred
  3. Hello I am looking for some help from the Sheffield forum again. Below are some photos relating to some post WW2 army eating knifes. The blades definitely say “Sheffield England” and they seem to have been made by “F&W Ltd” or possibly “J &W Ltd”. The knives were issued in 1973 and 1970, but who were “F/J &W Ltd”. Are there people who worked on these knifes? Internet search doesn’t throw up much. There are references to other cutlery made by “F&W Ltd”, but no name. Is there anyone out there that knows? When it involves a military contract a good number of utensils must have been made and I hope more information can be found. Yours Kalfred
  4. Hello, thank you “RL” for your informative reply and “Boginspro” for your added photo. We can see that your long number is different from that on my fork. I have added a photo of a 1986 fork that I had previously informally identified as very likely to have been manufactured by Hiram Wild and it has the same “stock” number as shown on my “S&L.Ltd” fork and as described by “RL”. This “S&L.Ltd” fork and the “HW” fork are the same design and it can be seen their style is a different pattern from Boginspro’s fork. Military flatware is not what I collect but I always wish to know as much as possible about the flatware I come across and it is all the better if that information can be made available for others to maybe glean use from. I have kept quite a few other photos of War Department flatware. Thank you for your replies. Kalfred
  5. Hello, this is a photo of the markers marks on the handle of a 1980 Army fork. The crow’s foot mark indicates issue by the War Department and their items always had a date on. I assume the Army fork was manufactured in Sheffield. From the limited amount of references I have found on line it seems that the Slack and Barlow concern were producing cutlery around that time. From 1947 they were Slack & Barlow Sheffield Ltd and in 1974 they were using the Silverpride Works in Matilda Street. Now here comes my “leap of faith”. There are web-illustrated marks of “S&B” being used by Slack and Barlow but not the mark “S&L Ltd”. Is there any knowledge in the forum to back up my thoughts? Is there anybody who was working at the Silverpride Works during the late 1970’s who could add information? Thanks in hope. Kalfredl