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  1. Saw him in the dentist in Hoyland just before he died and no one knew who he was.
  2. To-days try Whitby fisheries just off the parkway eat in or take away, back in the sixties Alf Jacksons on the cliffe took some beating lived near by, did see one weekend two coaches ,sat night pull up .
  3. People most remember there where two Carbrook schools, Carbrook Church of England which i went too,and the Carbrook board school which was on Atterclife common.
  4. Never went in it, it was my mates dads regularly when i was young i used to deliver the star and morning papers ops also the Green un to it.
  5. Me and my mate Mick would start off at the Excelsior top of Carbrook street and have a few pints depending on the beer,in each pub on the way up and finishing at the Sally inn,dont think i could do it now.
  6. Worked at the hide & skin company for a few months in the seventies when jobs when few and far between,terrible mucky place lost my sense of smell, was it owned by F.M.C ( Farmers Meat Company) i think the price of hides and skins fell,also people where buying meat from supermarkets and they had there own slaughter houses,and small butchers where closing down in there droves.
  7. Deads man hole as you call it was some where in carbrook and the works in the back ground is British Steel as it became to been known,they started to knock down the houses in the late sixties but then i could be wrong as you get older the mind plays tricks.
  8. I was on roughly the same salary plus annual bonus with a company car in a booming steel industry and my mortgage was but a fraction of my disposable income...Which is why the 70s were good to me! Strange in the 70s 4 million plus out off work if you had a job you could be working 2 or 3 day week,thats what i remember.
  9. I lived down the cliff and was brought up there it was not until the seventies when they started to knock it down the area was taken over by Asians,and it went down hill, you have only to look at Tinsly, burn grieve and the area a round the northern general hospital,look at the houses there size and build these where posh areas when i was young,but now its looks like a area in India.
  10. Used to live at the top end of Carbrook street at 4 court 1 passed there every day to go to school which was Carbrook Church of England.
  11. Used to go there sat afternoons with my best mate (Jerry) Bamforth,even won a ice cream cake.
  12. Born in 1949 so to young but was told my mates dad bought the seats and sold them for a good profit.
  13. I drove a bus in Sheffield for ten or so years in the seventies S.U.T for six months,and then for Andrews till they sold out to Traction,i remember my first whistle bus from Pond street to Dinington Sat-day night think of a F1 race start but with buses pretty frightening.