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  1. Sorry for my lack of reply but I have moved house and all that entails! Jdash, here is one of Brian's emails Did you find any of the other ones I said I took nearby? What this is suggesting to me is that I probably mixed up a few photos from another graveyard by accident. I remember taking some photos at Upper Chapel around the same time. I can try to check there but of course they are doing construction and have covered some of the gravestones temporarily! I’m sure most of the photos are from Sheffield cathedral though as there was a photo of a ping pong table which was there only a handful of photos later and I found one with a skull and crossbones which is quite distinctive. For a short while they had ping pong tables in the cathedral area but I’m sure not elsewhere. Ok I found the file and the set of photos says upper chapel and Sheffield cathedral so maybe it did get mixed up. It was taken 17 June 2012 I’ll try to check upper chapel soon I never heard back but I have been to Upper Chapel and not found anything! Tozzin Thanks for the list of names, I had them all and more, I have the family of Martha Pass (Stead) of Bradfield going way back. I will keep looking Andy
  2. Hi all, I came across this photo on Findagrave.com, it was taken by Brian Irwin who kindly allowed me to be the 'keeper' of the grave on the site. It is for a Martha Pass nee Stead my GGGG Grandmother who came from Bradfield. The George Hunter on the stone is Martha's Grandchild Despite Brian's best efforts to tell me where is was situated at the Cathedral and visits from me to look for it, I never found it. Is there anyone out there with a working knowledge of the stones placed there as I would dearly love to see it for myself. Andyb
  3. Martha Pass nee Stead (born Bradfield in 1790) beer retailer of 32 Bailey Lane was my GGGG Grandmother, you can see her gravestone here and more information about her. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/143426669/martha-pass Andy
  4. Hello All I have found out that my Great Grandfather's brother Albert Hunter was the leader and drummer of a Jazz Trio that were 'THE' band to have at your dance/event. I imagine given my Mom's recollections that we are talking 40's-50's I have a couple of press clippings mentioning him but given their repute there must be a photo somewhere? Nothing on Picture Sheffield, I have trawled Google. Apparently they played The Cutlers Hall a lot at dances but they don't keep archives for other than the Master Cutler as I emailed them. Any recollections? Andy
  5. I have to be pedantic/correct if you are from Sheffield/quoting the name of the Park, then it's The Peak :-) Sorry but it just sounds wrong