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  1. I know it’s not always reliable, but according to wiki there was no ‘Netherthorpe’ until the mid 19th century. As the urban area expanded westwards the developers coined the word ‘Netherthorpe’ to create a distinction with the existing Upperthorpe. It was an artificial construction to name the area between St. George’s Church and what is now the Pondarosa.
  2. If it’s the one I’m thinking about (from around 1990) it was on Cambridge Street - and you had to go upstairs to reach it. Some other shop was on the ground floor.
  3. I believe it was the offices of a law firm in the late 19th century.
  4. Couldn’t tell you about the 60’s, but I was there (Junior school side) in the early 80’s. Head teacher was Mr. Wilson. Also remember Miss Carter, Miss Holmes, Mr. Berry (music), Mr. Powys, and Mr. Smith.
  5. Ranmoor and Broomhill were still very affluent back then. Much more central than Dore (within walking distance or a short tram ride to town) and home to educated professionals like Lawyers, Professors, Medical Doctors etc.
  6. Yeah. Looking at the livery of the bus either late 80’s or very early 90’s. Very, very early 90’s given no sign of the tram or the prior roadworks.
  7. Wonder when this was taken? Most obvious landmarks are the Midland Station, Lyceum, Catholic Cathedral. But no Poly. No Hyde Park/Park Hill. No bus station.
  8. On the topic of street names. Anyone know how some of the streets in Sharrow got their names? Particularly the little grid near the Sharrow Lane/Washington Road crossroads. (Langdon Street, Fentonville Street, Penley Street, Stemp Street, Croydon Street, Mackenzie Street). I do know that Croydon Street was originally called something else. I'm particularly interested in Langdon Street. Cheers!
  9. Clearly not. The web has numerous photos of Dylan taken by the same photographer and being labeled as “taken in Sheffield on May 16, 1966.” One such photo actually shows him leaving LSD Partners betting shop on Castle Blvd in Nottingham - which he would have likely passed between his concert in Leicester on May 15 and his concert in Sheffield on May 16. While the street in Nottingham isn’t identical to the image that claims to be Barkers Pool there is a lot of similarity with the architecture. So, best guess.... The ‘Barker’s Pool’ photo is actually a random street in Nottingham where he stopped for a lunch or toilet break on his way from Leicester to Sheffield.
  10. Victoria Station. And the war memorial to railway workers who died in the Great War.
  11. Yep. Pretty sure the weathervane in the foreground is on the roof of Firth Court. So the photo was likely taken from the tower on the west side of the Firth Court building.
  12. I don't remember that location. But by the early 80's they were tucked away near Atkinsons on the back of the Moor.