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  1. Recognise this Sheffield scene?

    Victoria Station. And the war memorial to railway workers who died in the Great War.
  2. Birdseye view of Sheffield

    Yep. Pretty sure the weathervane in the foreground is on the roof of Firth Court. So the photo was likely taken from the tower on the west side of the Firth Court building.
  3. WILSON PECK music shop

    I don't remember that location. But by the early 80's they were tucked away near Atkinsons on the back of the Moor.
  4. Joe Cocker

    It didn't sell. The MLS listing (9199722) is still live. They are currently seeking $4,295,000 - but it's been up for sale (on the current listing) for over a year now. So you might be able to low ball them!
  5. Joe Cocker

    Marketing video from the estate sale that followed his death. His mansion on Colorado's western slope. I like that he had a proper snooker table. None of that pool rubbish.
  6. Josephines Nightclub Sheffield

    No. The Dicky that worked there in the early/mid 90's would have been at school in 84-85. Plus he was (still is) an Arsenal fan with dark hair. PS - Neil's swear filter seems to be the same on here as it is on Owlstalk. "Wee pipe"!
  7. Josephines Nightclub Sheffield

    Worked at Josephine's during university vacations between 1992 and 1996. Maggie and Mark were great managers and all the staff were so friendly. Mick (Broomhead)? the older glass collector had such a dry sense of humor. Very fond memories. Sue, Richard (Dicky), Pugsley, Nigel, Mitch, Martin, and many other names that will no doubt hit me soon.
  8. The mannequins are what made me wonder about a shop. But there doesn't seem to be anything for sale! That said, I've only been able to look at this photo on my phone, and the detail is terrible, but there seem to be tables off to the side on the ground floor which is what made me wonder about a restaurant. The only restaurant I knew that was around for a long time was Tuckwoods, so I thought I'd stab at that. But I'm guessing I'm wrong. It beats me.
  9. SHEAF MARKET Sheffield

    If that is the entrance to the Rag n Tag I would never have been there. Think it was torn down before I was born. And even then we lived south of the city center so never went to castle or sheaf markets. But I'm pretty freaked out as that entrance (minus the big sign saying sheaf market) regularly features in a recurring dream I have. Pretty much that exact entrance. Even with the ramshackle tobacco stall on the left.
  10. If a slight detour into biscuits is allowed, this was EVERYBODY'S favorite mid morning biscuit at Clifford First School in 1980. Biscuit base, honeycomb top, and McVitie's chocolate. Terrible name. But the blue and white stripes made up for that.
  11. I enjoyed these. Weren't sold for long though. 1990 (ish). Kind of a chewy muesli with raisins and rice krispies, covered in Cadbury's chocolate.
  12. The tall walls outside the Peace Gardens

    Was it the original wall that surrounded the grounds of St. Paul's church? Either way, I hated the wall as a kid. As you say - very gloomy.
  13. Can't decide whether it's a restaurant, a shop, or a hotel. But I'll take a stab at a restaurant and guess Tuckwoods?
  14. Hillsborough Park

    It was a private residential country estate for the Dixon family (steel magnates). And before them another family. I want to say the Steeds? Anyway the estate covered way more than Hillsborough Park. But when the estate was sold it was broken up and the council purchased the land that we now know as Hillsborough Park and hey presto.... A park was born.
  15. Rare and Racy to close at the end of June

    My dad was a rare book dealer back in the 70's and early 80's (he sold detective fiction) so as a kid I spent a lot of time there - and with the Capes family who ran the place. Sorry to see it go. Very fond memories. Sad too, as it was a very real, physical link to my Dad who died in '84. There's not a lot left now! Last time we were back in Britain (a few years ago), I took my daughter there (she was a toddler at the time) on a kind of pilgrimage/ connection with the past. Glad I got the chance.