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  1. If it's the same theatre, there's a floor plan on this site. http://www.arthurlloyd.co.uk/SheffieldTheatres.htm#palace
  2. Hello again, Depending on the year , I may have been there in the Rag and Tag. it was the Saturday morning outing, me and my Mum and Norah going to the markets and Woolworths, seeing "potty" Edwards throwing dinner services around, and the big weighing machine. I didn't know they had so many children. My dad, Norah's son, (still with us, aged 91) remembers uncle Les. I've got an old wedding photo with Frank, his son Frank, and Thomas along with his bride (don't know her name), Nancy, Mary Eĺlen and presumably the bride's parents. I'll copy it and send it via a message on here if you like. Also pics of Norah. If Frank was your grandfather, and my great grandfather, I think that makes us first cousins once removed? I got what knowledge I have of the Ellis family on a free weekend on Ancestry but never followed it up. Perhaps I should do it now.
  3. I also have a Walter Ellis in my family tree. He was married to Harriot Elliot. They had a son (and maybe more children, but I don't have details) called Francis George Pearce Walter Ellis who married Mary Ellen Moore. Their ages were respectively 22 and 19, and the marriage was on 14th April 1903. FGPWE and Mary Ellen had a daughter called Norah, who was my grandmother. (again, not sure of any other children) FGPWE (what Mary used to call him when she was annoyed with him so I'm told) is on the back row of the picture, 3rd from the right. FGPWE, who was a grinder, of 64 Summer Street, died aged 63 and was buried at Crookes on 2 Dec 1944. Mary Ellen died aged 65 and was buried on 26th August 1948.
  4. Yes, I remember this. I knew him when I worked there many years ago. I thought of him immediately when I saw this thread title. There were also deaths at another brewery in town.
  5. I've never seen the film, but I was one of the extras running about on the Moor etc. My wife at the time was on a course at the Poly (as was), part of which was taught by Barry Hines, and he'd asked the students for volunteers. So we appeared on the Moor and took part in that bit of the filming, and also a scene at the City Hall. If I remember correctly it was a rally by some spokesman, (can't remember who in the film) with a big crowd of extras on the steps, and the (actors) police arrived. The crowd were asked to jostle them as they pushed through the crowd, but they were a bit too enthusiastic with their jostling and filming had to stop to calm things down. I can't remember the year, but obviously it must have been before it was shown on TV. We never saw it because we were on holiday abroad at the time but I do remember new arrivals at the resort who had seen it saying how harrowing it was. I do appear fleetingly in the scene posted above.
  6. My first post..... Another cause of death for the young and old in the early 1900s was from erysipelas or cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the upper layer or lower layer of the skin. My father had two older sisters who died around the age of 2yrs in the early 1920s. One of them definitely died from erysipelas and possibly both. Another younger sister of his died around the age of 4 I think in the early 30s, but I'm not sure what the cause was. He only told me about this after I came out of hospital in 2006 after being treated with intravenous antibiotics for a week for erysipelas, followed by 4 weeks of oral antibiotics Of course, in the 20s such treatment wasn't available.