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  1. Chesterman 24" Rule

    Have you asked the Hawley Collection at Kelham Island? If anyone knows they will.
  2. SHEAF MARKET Sheffield

    I think this was called the rag & tag market. The picture is taken at the bottom of Commercial St. The red building above and behind the red van is the canal basin I believe. To the right out of shot would have been the old Corn Exchange.
  3. Stannington college

    I think it was 1970 too. I also did a City & Guilds course there. All the machinery was brand new and a pleasure to use as you would expect.
  4. I was born just a few doors away from Hillsborough park entrance near the running track. My question is what was there before it was built.
  5. Places to visit

    Looking to kill a few hours on Sunday? Why not visit Wortley Top Forge and find out more about the oldest forge in its original place in the world. We have a tour guide and run the engines on compressed air. There is also 3 water wheels in operation. http://www.topforge.co.uk/
  6. Ken Hawley

    I knew Ken since the late 70's, mostly as the custodian of Wortley Top Forge. He was top of the class with his knowledge of tools and the cutlery trade. He could be a little abrupt at time but you accept that once you knew him.
  7. The Wedding Cake Registry Office In Sheffield

    I too was married there in October 1974. When it came to exchanging vows I couldn't spronounce solemnly which raised a few sniggers.
  8. Neill Tools - Not any more!

    I served my apprenticeship at Neill tools on Ecclesall road. There over 1200 personnel there until they moved. Later (much later) in life I part owned a company who purchased their tools and had cause to visit them at Atlas where they are based now. I was taken through the warehouse and I asked where all the maintainence team were thinking I may see some old work mates. There were none as it was and is just a warehouse now. What a shame.
  9. Although no longer there, James Neill had one in their yard off Ecclesall road just about where Waitrose is now situated. Memory escapes me as to who made it or what weight is was designed for. I believe there is also one at Forgemasters on Brightside lane.