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  1. Hi Paul, Yes indeed, I was a milk monitor at times. Also remember taking turns to ring the hand bell at break times, walking up and down the corridor on the first floor. I do remember the BBC schools radio programmes, and having to dance to the music in the hall, pretending to be trees and other exciting stuff. I think myself and Robert Pratt had bit parts in a school play - robbers 1 & 2 !I also remember the school meals vans arriving and unloading large vats of hot food which had strange smells - so glad I went home for lunch! Cheers , Bob
  2. Hi Paul, Indeed, your memory for names is better than mine, and my memory for faces is even worse! I'm sure someone will be in touch at some stage. I have been searching for one of my school photos from Gleadless - I know I have at least one - but up to now, no trace. Cheers, Bob.
  3. Hi Paul, I remember Geoffrey Turners name. Another friend of mine at Gleadless County was Peter Robinson, although a year older than me, he went on to Hurlfield although he would be a year ahead of you. A couple of other things have come to mind, on the way home from the school trip to York, I seem to think we stopped off somewhere, possibly Beverley Minster? can you confirm? Also, do you remember working on the school allotment? We had to cross the stream into Hollinsend Park with gardening tools, turn right, and it was a little way up, presumably the bottom of a garden on Ridgehill Ave .Also worked in the greenhouse next to the prefab classrooms. Cheers, Bob
  4. Hi Paul, Yes, having failed to get good enough O level results , I left in 1968 to go straight into employment. Cheers, Bob
  5. Hi Paul, You have a better memory for names than me , well done for coming up with all those. Wasn't David Frost in our class? He was a great friend of mine, who lived just up the road from me on Seagrave Crescent and went to High Storrs with me.He had a younger brother , Stephen. Cheers, Bob
  6. Hi Paul, I remember John Pursehouse. It was Fulford photographers who used to take the individual photos each year, but as you said, never a class photo. Cheers, Bob
  7. Hi Paul, Not sure about Julie Evans, your memory is better than mine. There was also a Craig ………, cant remember his surname? Cheers, Bob
  8. Hello there, Yes, it would be great to hear any memories/ stories from anyone who was at the school at this time. As Paul says, we both left in 1963 and have great memories of our time there. Bob Nutton
  9. Hi Paul, I don' t think the photos would be much good ( even if I had the technology ) . They are just of York, with some pupils in the background, but not clear enough to identify individuals i'm afraid. I remember those names as well, I used to hang around with Mick Hartley. Also sadly remember Susan Parsons accident. A Gleadless County school page would be great. Any ideas what is going to happen to the old building? The prefab buildings at the rear have been demolished and it would be a shame to see the main building go as well. I understand that the police sometimes use it for training their search dogs. Cheers , Bob
  10. Hi Paul, Yes ,I vaguely remember Robert Lancaster. Other classmates I remember are John Siddall, John Burton, Neil Bissatt, Linda Neville, Jane Goodson. Did you go on the school trip to York? We went up to the roof of York Minster and a had boat trip on the Ouse? I have a few faded photos I took on this trip. Cheers, Bob
  11. Hi, I seem to remember Mr Lancaster as quite a tall chap,he used to let us sneak down into the cellar to see the boiler in action. I think his wife was a cleaner at the school. I remember a teacher called Miss Varney who was in charge of the very young pupils. BobN
  12. Hi Paul, Yes, that's me. Remember some epic bike trips, especially to Ford on many occasions. My friends at the time were Robert Pratt ( lived on Seagrave Road) David Frost , Peter Robinson ( both lived near me on Seagrave Crescent) amongst others. I think Robert Thorpe lived at Gleadless Townend. Cheers, Bob Nutton
  13. Mr Iossens class was in the pre-fab buildings at the back, Mr Dysons class was upstairs in the old building. I understood that Mr Spur was killed in a car crash.
  14. I was in Mr Dysons class at Gleadless County School at the same time as Paul Worrall, and remember the school sports days being held in Hollinsend Park, and the bus trips to Park swimming baths. Also the Whitsuntide Sunday School sings ending in the park after parading round the streets. Happy days!
  15. I put the names of your class mates listed in your post to my brother who would have left the school in 1957, and the only one he recognises is Rodney Ellis. He also knew him in adult life as he worked at the same company.