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  1. Hi Paul, Yes, that's me. Remember some epic bike trips, especially to Ford on many occasions. My friends at the time were Robert Pratt ( lived on Seagrave Road) David Frost , Peter Robinson ( both lived near me on Seagrave Crescent) amongst others. I think Robert Thorpe lived at Gleadless Townend. Cheers, Bob Nutton
  2. Mr Iossens class was in the pre-fab buildings at the back, Mr Dysons class was upstairs in the old building. I understood that Mr Spur was killed in a car crash.
  3. I was in Mr Dysons class at Gleadless County School at the same time as Paul Worrall, and remember the school sports days being held in Hollinsend Park, and the bus trips to Park swimming baths. Also the Whitsuntide Sunday School sings ending in the park after parading round the streets. Happy days!
  4. I put the names of your class mates listed in your post to my brother who would have left the school in 1957, and the only one he recognises is Rodney Ellis. He also knew him in adult life as he worked at the same company.
  5. Yes , I remember Mr Lancaster, he once let us go into the cellar to see the boiler being loaded with coke, It looked huge to us at the time. There were outside toilets in the rear playground as well as new ones inside the main building. Mr Iosson used to come to school on his bike sometimes, it was an old sit up and beg style.We had swimming lessons at Park baths on City Road and this involved us walking down to the bus stop at Birley to catch a bus. Sports day each summer was held in Hollinsend Park, although I think I only spectated!
  6. That's correct jackanne. My dad was always repairing his own car, and other people seemed to bring their cars to him to fix., a skill that he has passed on to his sons! I have looked at the names you mentioned Athy, but I don' recognise any of them. I will consult my brothers to see if they know of them. I remember lorries delivering coke for the school boilers and climbing up the pile. Also being a milk monitor for a while - such responsibility at a young age!
  7. I lived at 86. I think Mr & Mrs Gear lived at No.90 from memory. The field at the bottom of the garden, over the stream was a great playground and location for many a bonfire night!
  8. Hi. I am new to this site. Just found the post on Gleadless County Junior School. I used to attend here and left in 1963 after passing my 11 plus. My last teacher was Mr Dyson I think, but remember Mr Iosson and Mr Spurr, the headmaster. sadly he was killed in a car accident shortly after I left. We used to garden in the greenhouse, and also an allotment which was reached via Hollinsend Park after crossing the stream. I lived on Seagrave Crescent and my three older brothers also went to the school. Happy days.