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  1. Mikenaylor

    Qualcut Tools

    Thanks for the replies to this post particularly Rob Jackson. Fred Naylor is my Dad and is indeed 100 years old today. Was very interested in your comments about the Jag. fairly typical of him. For your information Bilton Tools and Monks and Crane were subsidiaries of KMT Holdings. Bilton bought Qualcut and moved it to Handsworth. Sorry to say that I don’t remember your Dad but I do remember Jim Broughton and his son Paddy. Once again thanks for your story
  2. Mikenaylor

    Qualcut Tools

    Does anyone remember Qualcut Tools Ltd at Handsworth, built in the early 1960's. If you do, you may remember Fred Naylor who built and ran this company. He will be celebrating his 100th birthday next month. Is the building still in existence if so what is its use now. Asking from Canada