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  1. Wells family in Eccleshall early 1900s grandfather a butchers shop in Neepsend.
  2. Hi Edmund, going back to the Wells name in Sheffield, Herbert Edric Wells father and mother John Wells and mother Mary Wells, in the 1881 census John is 47 yrs and Mary is 41 yrs John born in Buckingham (cattle dealer) and Mary born in Sturton, Lincoln.

    Any more help would be greatly appreciated if poss' regards.  

    1. Edmund


      Hello Dave,

      I have attached 5 files for your interest.  Let me know if you have any particular question that you'd like me to try to investigate?  John Wells seems to have been a bit of a character - he had a beer sales licence for his Martin Street premises and seems to have had trouble with the accuracy of his butchers scales, according to the magistrates!



      John  Mary Wells Marriage 1865.jpg

      John Wells Death Notice 1906.png

      John Wells Gainsboro 1899.png

      John Wells London Gazette 1907.png

      John Wells robbed 1899.png

  3. And so it goes on ........ again thanks (I now have bits of paper all over the place, great and I'm carrying on).
  4. I very much appreciate this Edmund yes thanks a lot, I'm only just starting with this. I have some information, yes he lived with us in Blackpool until his death. He and his brother were fish dealers in Sheffield. I'm now nearing 80 yrs so I thought I'd do a bit of investigating before "I pop my clogs" so to speak, again many thanks David W.
  5. Good evening Hugh, This used to be a district of Sheffield where all my great grandparents lived, my father was born there in 1911. I'm trying to find some links to my grandparents Herbert Edric Wells, a fish dealer along with his brother Regards Dave
  6. Searching for information on the Wells family who lived in Ecclesall Bierlow any info' please thank you.