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  1. Hi Sheffielders I am wondering if you can help me? I am looking for a man who use to work on one of the stalls in meadowhall outaide superdrug a couple of years ago called tiempo. It was a stall mainly for watches but also sold bags and scarves. This man may know information on someone im trying to desperatley search for. So he can be I only chance. Feel free to private message me, Thank you
  2. Riyad Mugawer

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know Riyad Mugawer? Herd he moved to morroco Thank you
  3. Does anyone know the woman in the picture. Please if anyone may know who it may be or have an idea please contact me. This picture was taken in the late 60s, she had a son from a yemeni steel worker. Thank you I really will appreciate if you help by even fowarding/ spreading the thread to others.
  4. Lillyman's / steel works, 1960's - 70's

    Thank you, I was not aware of this thread
  5. Hi, I am wondering whether you all can help me? Did anyone know the man in the picture, he worked at lillymans between the 1960s and 70s. He went by the nickname fred and is of yemeni decent. If any of you may know the person in picture please let me know either by post or direct message. Thank you this is really urgent!!!
  6. Need an answer to this picture

    Does anyone know Ruby she use to study at Sheffield university and worked at Next in the city centre . As she might know who the person may be in the picture
  7. Need an answer to this picture

    Yes i have but no luck so far, maybe because i do not have a bug following.
  8. Need an answer to this picture

    Has anyone recognised the woman yet???
  9. Hi everyone, Does anyone recognise the woman in this picture. It was taken in sheffield around the late 60's. She had a son around the time I believe. Please can you share this picture and message around and get in touch if you may know anything. I really do appreciate it. Thank you for your time in advance
  10. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Does anyone else know anything or recognise the woman in the picture please. Please share
  11. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Does anyone else know anything or recognise the woman in the picture please. Please share
  12. Sheffield Steel Workers

    You can email me the picture to see if it is the same man if thats ok with you?
  13. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Yes that is the man because it matches our description
  14. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Yes i am
  15. Sheffield Steel Workers

    Does she look familiar