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  1. Jim Aizlewood

    Unable to log in

    Over the last week or so every time I try to log in I get the wrong password, so I reset the password and I can use the forum as normal but as soon as I log off and try to log back on I get the same error message. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  2. Jim Aizlewood

    Howard Hotel Walkley

    I was brought up around Walkley and was around 7-8 yrs old when it was demolished so that would put it around1962-3, I do remember that a large part of the back of the building ended up in St Joseph’s playground due to subsidence which is why it was demolished.
  3. Jim Aizlewood

    When was this built and when did it close?

    I remember when this was being built that there was a long delay due to them finding a coal seam which they had to dig out, many years later I was going down the ramp in a very old transit van with an ignition fault when it backfired just before I went under the footbridge which was full of people eating their suppers sadly most of them lost that supper due to the loud bang and big flash from the exhaust.
  4. Jim Aizlewood

    Uniform identity

    Thanks for that, but no it’s not the same man, I have managed to trace him now. He served in the Royal Horse Artillery and later the Royal Field Artillery shortly after this photo was taken he was posted to Ambala in India, he rose through the ranks during ww1 where he finished as 2nd lieutenant but that’s as far as I’ve got.
  5. While looking into our family history it’s shown that one of my grandfathers sister married a soldier in 1910, I am thinking that he could have been stationed at the Hillsborough barrack as the relatives house was only a short distance from the barracks. I’ve found records saying that he died on 27/3/16 and he was in the Northumberland fusilliers, the information I have give me two different forenames the first being James Percival Wright which I found in parish records and the other name which matches up to his wife name and date of birth and notice of death is Joseph Wright, but knowing what regiment the uniform belongs to would be a big help. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.