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  1. well, this post is from a long time ago, but my dad worked out of A. V. Massey's shop in the 1970s, perhaps into the 80s as well. Thought I had a photo but can't find it.
  2. Thanks all. My ancestors were Charles Crossley and Mary Poynton, through their daughter Elizabeth (who had at least 4 children and never married - she didn't bring any of them up either). The problem we have is that none of the names on the postcard match any of the Crossley cousins or even second cousins. Elizabeth had a younger sister Eleanor (Nellie) but she was older than the girls on the photo. Looking further afield, the only Rhoda we can find is Rhoda Champion (later Quarmby), who would have been a Cousin, though not strictly a "Crossley Cousin", though of course the term cousin was often used to denote more distant relationships. But even going down this line, we can't find any other names that match. Arnold visited Rhoda (and the others?) and was in trouble for going AWOL. It would be great if someone recognised these people. I've had it on the Sheffield, Stocksbridge and Huddersfield Forums and family history sites.
  3. Crossley / Champion / Beal Does anyone recognise these people? Sorry for the poor quality, a cousin sent it to me from Australia, and it's a scan of a photocopy. It says "Crossley Cousins from England" ...they were from Stocksbridge but also links to Sheffield. Names on the back "Ada, Nellie, Rhoda and Eleanor". Sent to Arnold Poynton Crossley sometime during / just after WW1. We think Rhoda is Rhoda Champion. A long shot but worth a try!
  4. Has anyone heard of this place? I can't find it on any map or Google search. 1901 baptism. Have used census as well but can't match it up with the maps.
  5. There were Stanleys living in Bolsterstone village. I am a direct descendant of the original Crawshaws of Langley Brook, but I think at this time my family had moved away. I'd be interested to see the photos though. claire2pearson@hotmail.com