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  1. Just saw the further digging you did, apologies. George was Harry Quixall's Dad. It does make me smile that the records are either in George or Harry's name. But it was Annie who was the one pushing things forward always. Annie worked as a buffer, putting the serrations into knives as it paid more. With that money they rented the shop but made more money operating it a beer house till they got the Boston Hotel later. Some time after WW!! that part of the family moved to Blackpool.
  2. as you say, very odd! the 46 Netherthorpe Street part fits with the records, both on census and licensee records. I'm pretty sure the licensee name on those records was Harry's father, William. I can't explain the 19 Dover Street part!
  3. The description of the corner being also 19 Dover Street makes complete sense. Thank you for clearing that up!
  4. Hi, sorry for delay replying I have been busy retiring. Harry Quixall was my grandfather. Married to Annie. Harry was a a forger. Annie a buffer. The photo with the two ladies might be the grocer shop which they turned into a beer house. The ladies are Annie and my mum, Betty. Kellly's Directory 1925 mentions great grandfather George Quixall as licencee of the licensed shop. The address in Kelly's is 46 Netherthorpe Street. Was it on a corner, 19?? The beer house was a big success but illegal. The story goes that Stones brewery had to close it at the time of the range as an illegal joint but it was too successful. So Annie was offered the Boston Hotel at 10 Lansdowne Road. Thats the other photo of all the family outside, with Annie and Harry. This is the best as I know it...