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  1. This could be the PEOPLES MARCH FOR JOBS which came through Sheffield 1982-3. I was on this along with other employees of Aurora Steels in Ecclesfield who joined the march at the junction of Ecclesfield Common and Nether Lane. The march started in the North East, and continued to the City Hall where Arthur Scargill spoke. The march then continued to London. It was a carbon copy of the Jarrow march.
  2. Just a thought, could there have been two names? The owner and the fish fryer. Lots of chippies have fryers who aren’t the owner.
  3. There are a couple of these at Kelham Island Ind. Museum. Saw them dancing at the Xmas market.
  4. A few of the steelworks had pubs built into them around Brightside/Attercliffe. The White Hart at Brown Baileys on Worksop Road was an example.
  5. Looks like this was taken between the Griffin and Tankard (Stocks) pubs. There was a chippy on the left of this shot and a bookies on the right. Also on the left was a butcher/ fishmonger. Think it was Alan? That was in the seventies. Believe chippy is now a cafe.
  6. Don’t know anything about the building but walked past it every day for two years whilst working on Wicker Lane.
  7. Wasn’t Queenies on Hartley Brook Road? Used to have half a cob (round loaf, not BBC) filled with chips for dinner whilst attending Hartley Brook in 1968.
  8. G.E.M. Stores on Attercliffe Common in the sixties, Marcway Models on Attercliffe Road in the seventies.
  9. This looks like the upper floors of the old Brunswick pub, a Whitbread house in the seventies. It was next to Etams on the Haymarket opposite Woolworths.
  10. I was only talking about this at work today. Whit Sun clothes which you then wore at school for the annual photo. We also had Whit Monday clothes.
  11. Was Alfred Road between Worksop Road and Staniforth Road? I’m sure I remember the street sign whilst walking from home on Titterton St to Darnell in the 60s.
  12. No, only there a short while but I’m certain the meat market still operated until the late seventies.
  13. Wasn’t there a clinic/dental surgery on Hatfield House Lane?
  14. Wednesday played in white shirts because Everton wore Royal blue shirts and were alphabetically preferred to wear their home colours.
  15. I worked there for a short time in 1972 in the meat market as a porter. A real eye opener for a fifteen year old. Handling lights and plucks and freshly slaughtered sides of pork.
  16. My Grandparents often mentioned The Duke of Darnell dressed in evening wear.
  17. Guinness is only 16p for draught! Remember these prices and most of the drinks
  18. Hulley’s ice cream was based on Cross Hill in Ecclesfield. Also, wasn’t there a Rawson’s ales locally?
  19. Why would you need to buy more than a week’s supply anyway?
  20. The pub scene where Jimmy is having a conversation was filmed at Nottingham House above the children’s hospital. I remember seeing the pub name etched in the window glass.
  21. Barney Goodman was famed for his De Mob suits for service men. About 50 shillings I believe.