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  1. The number 52 to Crookes

    Is the car furthest away a Morris Marina?
  2. Threads

    The pub scene where Jimmy is having a conversation was filmed at Nottingham House above the children’s hospital. I remember seeing the pub name etched in the window glass.
  3. SUGG SPORT on Pinstone Street

    Barney Goodman was famed for his De Mob suits for service men. About 50 shillings I believe.
  4. SUGG SPORT on Pinstone Street

    There was a barbers shop down the arcade on the right. Had a David Bowie haircut there; think it was called Sweeny Todd’s.
  5. Female impersonators

    Don’t know the “Barry” but I’ve been trying to remember Tony White’s surname for months. Used to compere at the Fiesta when Marti Caine and Knutty were on. Thanks.
  6. Beagling

    There was a pack of hounds in kennels behind Ecclesfield shooting range which was behind the houses above the Griffin pub. We used to fire air rifles there in the seventies. Definitely Beagle hounds housed there. Saw rats as big as cats there. Heard that the dogs were fed on stil born calves from the butchers on the corner of Feoffes Rd by the church
  7. Question regarding the old town hall and courts

    It was a Crown Court in the eighties. Remember going with Stannington college on a free period during 1983 for the experience. Think it must have changed when the new courts opened opposite Whitbreads brewery.
  8. Sheffield Student Rag Parade

    The Twicker Rag Mag. Named after t’Wicker, weer t’watter runs ovver t’weir.
  9. First pair of jeans

    A pair of Texas jeans with a snake belt and sneakers, bought on Attercliffe Road around 1967
  10. Where was this long lost pub?

    It was on Attercliffe Common north side. I think the Tramcar pub was nearby too.