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  1. There's always the memorial to crew of B-17G @Mi Amigo@ in Endcliffe Park. I don't have my photos up on-line yet, so here's some from my friends website: http://www.airfields.fotopic.net/c1486081.html
  2. The Sheffield Archives might be a starting point, as well as the Local Studies section of the Library. I can't say for certain they would have this information but it's worth a try.
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    Hi all, You can watch the entire 1hr 47mins of it here: http://video.google.. without it being in thirteen parts, as on Youtube. Some good questions regarding locations. Barker's Pool is certainly one, in the anti-war demo. Chris
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    Sheffields Rivers

    neddy, good find! I've seen another book by Theophilus Smith entitled "Wharncliffe, Wortley and the Valley of the Don", written around the same time (1864 IIRC). Unfortunately, I didn't manage to make a copy of it but if memory serves (oh dear!) it does describe where both the Don and Little Don Rivers rise. Overall though, it's a pretty good read. There are probably copies either in Local Studies or the Archives. A quick look at the OS maps reveals the Don to 'begin' in the vicinity of Grains Moss (Great Grains Clough), near Winscar Reservoir. It then flows through Penistone, Oxspring, Thurgoland to its confluence with the Little Don at Deepcar. Whether it's still called the Little Don or not I don't know! Anyone? Hope this helps. Edit: Neddy, you don't know whether Volume 2 is available do you? Tried looking for it at Google books and can't find it! Cheers
  5. Dear all, New here so hello! This is a research request so excuse if it's on the wrong forum but here goes. We are currently collecting research material for a publication (title to be decided) whose subject matter is the Royal Observer Corps in Sheffield (and latterly) South Yorkshire. Some points we would like to find out are: Does anyone have information regarding the location of ROC posts during WW2? (I have already seen, elsewhere on the forums, a list of AA batteries). Does anyone have any photos of the ROC in Sheffield/South Yorkshire - either during WW2 or the Cold War? Can anyone point us in the right direction for documentation - manuals, procedures, organisation etc for the periods specified? Do any member have any recollections of working for the UKWMO during the Cold War (and any Associations which may exist who we could contact. Yes, I know there's the Royal Observer Corps Association and they will be getting an e-mail!). It would be nice to hear from post volunteers who served at the twelve South Yorkshire UKWMO posts. Sorry if this is a tentative and slightly ambiguous request but at the moment, we are just at start of the research process. We will be visiting the Local Studies and the Archives in the near future but if anyone can help in the meantime, either post an answer here or PM me. Many thanks all in advance, Regards, Chris