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  1. My dad told me that a relative cancelled their passage but he said it was on the Titanic, maybe he was embellishing the story. Thanks for all your help Edmund, are my ancestors and yours linked in some way?
  2. I've found a record of Samuel Scholey about 1877 arriving on the Corinthian from Quebec in August 1913, his wife's birthdate also matches 1876 but the kids with them don't quite match up age wise. There's also a record of his wife Naomi going out to Quebec in July 1913 although I can't be sure it's her even though her birth date matches without stumping up £179 for an ancestry.co.uk upgrade to international. If they were the same family though would they have only spent one month in Canada? Even more confused than ever now. BTW I'm so impressed with how much you all know so much more than I do about my own family. Is there some alchemy I'm not aware of that would make it easier to sort the wood from the trees? I really want to know more but I don't want to be bankrupt at the end of it and all the research websites I've been looking at cost.
  3. Thank you so much. This is most helpful. It's enabled me to put all the Samuels into perspective.
  4. I'm confused about Samuel my great grandfather because I have a picture of my grandad at his mothers graveside and her name is Elizabeth. She would have been born in about 1848 because she died in 1927 which fits with the inscription on her headstone. However the 1911 census states his wife is called Naomi. Could there have been two Samuel Scholey's?
  5. Wow thanks for all your help and census information. This is where I was getting confused because in all of the censuses it appears they were all bricklayers of some kind or other and the only reference to a herbalist in the family was my grandad Ernest. The attached states he's living at 67 Effingham Street and it is a dwelling house. I wasn't sure if I had the right people or not! Researching on ancestry.com can be extremely confusing. Does this mean that they were bricklayers and herbalists? Sorry for being so thick
  6. Hi everyone, I've attached a picture of my grandfathers herbalist shop at 67 Effingham Street and I'm trying to solve a mystery. I can't find a Samuel Scholey, herbalist at this address but I can find Ernest Scholey, my grandad. However the sign says S Scholey. I understand from another post that there was a Samuel Scholey herbalist at Darnall and a Harry Scholey who are Ernest's father and uncle? Whilst Ernest's father was called Samuel, I can't find a Harry Scholey. Does anyone have any more information?