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  1. Hi, just a little history I heared from my uncle some years ago, that the stone to build the old city hall, came from a quarry behind the cemetery in the manor fields. Not sure exactly where, it belong to our family many years ago known as Fletchers quarry.
  2. Hi David H I have been monerting the site with a strong interest and emensly enjoyed reading the material. My knowledge of Sheffield is limited to some degree as I left the UK in 1967 to Australia. I certainly have a good memory Norfolk my old school from 3 years to 15 years old. I remember all the teachers and parts of the school being demolished. I lived at 623 Eastbank Rd, and 926 City Rd Manor top. I am 2 years older than yourself and my last teacher was man Pearce. I think I read somewhere you mentioned your cousin to be Catherine Sneezby, if so, she was in the same class as my sister Susan Fletcher or in the same hockey team. She might know Kathleen Lambert the Manor lass as I have heard of her name before. I have done well for myself after leaving school especially from Norfolk but in saying that I loved everyday of it. I have been back in UK for 12 months but heading to Aust soon, I travel around to different places and kind of disappear from time to time, however I will endeavor to have more imput regardless on where I am.