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  1. Dick Lindsay

    Gallantry Award

    yes thanks i have contacted the above and they want 80.00 for research ,i just wondered if anyone on here knew anything before i pay out ..
  2. Dick Lindsay

    Gallantry Award

    yes i know that but i'm trying to find out what he did whether it was civillian or army related ..
  3. Dick Lindsay

    Gallantry Award

    thanks for the info,i have all his army records i was trying to find out what the award was for ?
  4. My relative Jimmy Crawford is Sheffield born and bred .starred in "Play it Cool " with Billy Fury.
  5. My Great Uncle 11356 Sgt Joseph Lindsay of 7th Serv Batt Yorkshire Regt was given a Certifcate in Vellum by the Royal Humane Society for an event on the 23rd July 1916. Trying to find out what he did and where?,but can't find anything reported in the local papers at the time of the presentation he was seconded to Messers Vickers by the army