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  1. British army jack knife

    Hi there .I can now answer the question i was asking myself .The knife at the top in the first photo was made in India .slightly larger than british made knives of this type ,the main blade is different and the slabs are duller than the british made knives .also they seem to be hand made and the slabs are actually chaqered after they have been riveted together.if you look closely the groves run through the rivets.i still dont know what the cross stands for on the marlin spike or the stamps on the underside of the spike are just appears to be an Manda W with a 2 under the W on the main blade tang .hope this maybe can help other knife collectors.
  2. British army jack knife

    Hi chaps .brought 2 army jack knives -(sailors knives )today and am having difficulty on finding who made it and how old it might be .its slightly bigger than the others i have of this type and has some stamps on the marlin spike i have not seen before any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Sheffield Made

    Sorry but no .but i have one just like yours and at a guess and i could be wrong about 1950,s .
  4. Hi there .hope you all had a happy christmas and santa was good to you all ..Well had this knife for a while but i had acloser look at it yesterday and wondered if the stamping on the blade is normal as i haven't seen it before.ive took some photos in a hope for more information on it.thanks.oh i forgot to mention there appears to be some lettering on the top of the blade near the tang just above the hand forged stamping .looks to me to be I R E?
  5. Machette

    Thanks for your reply boginspro. See if anyone else comes foward with anymore coments .ps.thanks again.
  6. Machette

    Hi boginspro.There are one or two dents on the back but as you can see on the new photos I'm sending it definitely has been cut down plus the fact its got two broard arrows on it .the blade and the handle unless of cause they used hack knives in the army?.Ihave read an article on australian soldiers that did cut there machettes down for air crew .just wondered if the british or american airforce did the same as we did have a lot of americans over here during ww2.But they did have folding machettes aswell.so i believe .here are more photos.
  7. Machette

    Hi there .have not been on here lately so i would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and also to ask you your thoughts on another machette i brought recently. I brought it because i thought it was unusual to see a machette that had been cut in half .Then i got to thinking maybe it eas cut dowm on purpose for an airmen in ww2.whats your thoughts on this please as i can't think why anyone who would want to do this to a kitchen machette
  8. A Wright & Sons bone scaled knife

    Really thats what i am about .love the reseach but when i get lost then i can't think of a better place to ask foe help.?
  9. A Wright & Sons bone scaled knife

    9Hi neddy .yeah very nice tbey are to .i do buy new ones occasionally but prefer to buy vintage and antique knives.I have brought an A.Wright &Son 6"bowie with the work back and am very satisfied with it .It won't be used just for my collection and for me to look at it and admire the workmanship .
  10. Can you help with dating this A Wright hawksbill (pruning)knife please. your help will be appreciated. Ps. Love my sheffield knives..thanks
  11. Vulcan penknife

    Ok .i leave the passport at home and come on a prayer.lol.
  12. Vulcan penknife

    So many cutlers in sheffield .just didn't realise how many .love this forum . One day going to have to visit sheffield Don't really venture outside essex very much .but did take my grandson to norwich uni last weekend.so getting closer.cheers.
  13. Vulcan penknife

    Thanks for all your help .someone might come in with the answer I'm looking for or maybe not but any way thanks for all theinfo given???
  14. Vulcan penknife

    Thanks steveHB..do you think my knife dates to 1879 or there abouts?
  15. Vulcan penknife

    As there is not an enland stamp on the tang does this mean that it is dated at about 1889.?