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  1. Hi everyone, I was just been given an army type knife and just this moment removed enough rust only to find the cutler you have been discussing, Joseph Eliot &sons, was looking for info on it and Sheffield history came up , not sure what the age of the knife is at a guess I would say 1940,ISH.but would like some opinions on that please. Thank you.
  2. Hi there every one, haven't been on here lately, still collecting Sheffield knives and repairing some if possible,just come back Fromm a long weekend down Dorset and came across in an antique shop a J Y C,silver fruit knife and as you have been discussing this maker wondered if you could date it for me please.
  3. Hi boginspro,about my two (pen)knives ,the one that unscrews to take a birow ink pen is the S/S one but the other faux m.o.p one doesn't unscrew but the pen end looks solid steel,Was wondering if anyone knows if it could have been used to write brail for blind people or would that be totally out of the question.?
  4. Thats brilliant boginspro, so I wonder if imperial copied Richards or if it was the other way round,but all the same thankyou so much for stumbling onto this ,and solving another mystery.adrian. L
  5. No boginspro, still can't find out what they were used as, I haven't any knives with display cards I will have a look at eBay but as you say there are scratches on this knife as if it has been used,I do have one like this and a William Rodgers one also,Good to hear from you ,Adrian
  6. Yes by all means ,looking forward to seeing what other information you find out.thankyou .Adrian.
  7. Hello Sheffield.Been a bit quiet for a couple of weeks so I thought I might give my favourite forum a look,plus I'm looking for information on this fixed blade knife I have acquired.Made by W.H.Fagan & Son Made in Sheffield England. Will be greatfull for some help again if possible.thankyou.adrian
  8. Hello Sheffield,hope all's well up your end of the country.I am on the sick for 2weeks again (vasculitis)so I have a bit of time on my hands again.just recently brought another knife again and am looking for information on the cutler and a date if possible.All info would be appreciated.thankyou.adrian
  9. Will do boginspro.I love my Sheffield knives and love to find them and save them from turning to rust like I do any knife really but Sheffield knives are a bit more special to me.I collect all types of knives and would love to show then on Sheffield history.If I get a chance next Monday when my wife works late I will take over my lounge and get some pics . They will be mixed together though like there might be a German one next to a Sheffield one so home that doesn't affend anybody.Thanks bogispro for the info on my two gift knives . cheers.
  10. Hi there Sheffield people.hope everyone is ok up there after all that wind and rain.Not been quite so bad down here in Essex.Havn't been on here for a while been in and out of hospital also popping back there next week but only for a short stay.On Tuesday I brought a couple of knives of my old friend clive.one was a Sheffield post war Amy jack knife and the other was a post war German Decora multi blade dagger.after paying my friend for them and walking back to my car he shouted out hi Ady got a rusty old knife in me car you can have that ,cheers Clive I replied .It turned out to be Johnson western works Sheffield I think gift knife.I very carefully cleaned it and oiled it basically saved it's distuction which made me happy.Here it is with my James barber knife .any info would be great .thank friends.The Johnson knife is the darker one.thanks again.
  11. Thanks tozzin .very helpful .when I'm at a loss my friends from Sheffield always come to my rescue.What would life be without friends.Thanks again .adrian.
  12. Thanks boginspro ..I wasn't sure about the date but with a little help from your friends (sounds like a Beatles song ) I now know 1905 James Fenton . It's getting better all the time.
  13. Hi there every body .sort of hot again today again .Well I'm on the sick at the moment but am mobile and yesterday took the wife and daughter shopping and to have the last fitting of my daughter wedding dress.whats that got to do with knives you might ask well, while they were doing the women things I slipped of to the market area of Chelmsford and found this market stool selling gold and silver etc.I noticed this no thrills m.o.p. silver fruit knife and knocked the seller down from £13 to £10 .Any way been attempting to research it and think it's made by James Fenton but as yet am unable to find the correct date on it. The knife is only about 50mm long when closed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks adrian.
  14. I really don't know what to say tozzin except they damm well ought to be concerned .About 5 months ago I bought a new penknife from Micheal May which apparently he bought up a lot of Trevor Abblet machinery (I consider myself very lucky to have acquired 3of Trevor,s knives just after he passed away) so I suppose what I'm saying is there is a market out there still for beautiful Sheffield knives and up and coming cutler's .These councils all they seem to worry about is lining there pockets without a thought of the history they are destroying .Just Two Words .ITs Ludicrous.Adrian.