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  1. Violin penknife

    Thanks so much for that .i really appreciate that.looks like you've hit the nail on the head.. Thankyou my friends.
  2. Violin penknife

    Sorry for tbe late reply .been working today.i have taken some more photo's with a tape measure beside the knife.
  3. Violin penknife

    Hi there everyone.just wondered if you could help me out .i have just brought a novelty penknife in the shape of a violin .The thing is ime not sure wether it was made in sheffield or not because its not stamped anywhere on the tang with sheffield.looks really old and the blade looks well worn even where the blade rubs on the spring.looked at it with a magnifying glass and has G S on one side and what looks like N ROLIGHT on the other side.looked on the webb and havent found another one as yet or the name if its correct.Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Machette

    Glad to here that tozzin.not a very nice blade come up against.the scales on this one are resin i beleive.
  5. Machette

    Done some more reseach and it seems as though the blsde was made by JJ Beal and may be J Brooks just made the sheath.?
  6. Machette

    Just brought a jjb 1942 machette which is in quite good condition but the leather scabbard was a bit worse for wear and dated 1959.the scabbard appears to have been painted a grey green colour.? I decided to look for another scabbard in better condition on the internet and was lucky enough to find a 1944 j j brooks scabbard in tip top condition with only a few surface cracks .so i was wondering if anyone could shed some light on both scabbards and the blade if possible.thanks.
  7. Joseph rodgers.

    I thought you may like to see some more of j rodgers knives
  8. Leather cutting knife

    Thanks for that .will do.
  9. Leather cutting knife

    Hi .I have another leather cutting knife with screwed handles not sure how old that one is.here are 2 photos, thanks.
  10. Joseph rodgers.

    Hi there pretty sure this is a Joseph rodgers knife cutlers to their majesties.looks like a prunner with some sort of cutters as well .I think the blade is quite worn because all I can see on the blade is rodgers &sons with a small piece of crown showing and an R..what age do you think it is and what the knife was used for ? .I would be greatfull for any help.thanks in advance.
  11. Richards knife

    Yes .i think it is .sorry for the very late reply.i have just recently brought 2 more Richard knives which are only 50-60.mm in length.both are of the same design but I believe the s/s version is newer than the other.single blade and what appears to be a pen . The false M.O.P. knife has a pen in it if that's what it is.the S/S version unscrews whilst the M.O.P.one doesn't. So.my question is what is it supposed to be pen or scribe.?.thanks for looking.
  12. Leather cutting knife

    I've been looking on the net and there's a vintage taylor eye witness blade with a handle which is exactly the same.so if the one I have is antique the you are more than likely correct.
  13. Leather cutting knife

    Yes they did on folding knives and fixed blade knives.but just wondered if screws date back to that time that it could be so they could change blades if they were damaged.?
  14. Leather cutting knife

    Thanks so much for your reply .you guys are the best..cheers.
  15. Leather cutting knife

    Just acquired M. Hunter & son knife .above the name on the blade is what appears to be a bugle .been trying to find a date on it but can't find a date for when the bugle was used.any info would be much appreciated