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  1. A Wright & Sons bone scaled knife

    Really thats what i am about .love the reseach but when i get lost then i can't think of a better place to ask foe help.?
  2. A Wright & Sons bone scaled knife

    9Hi neddy .yeah very nice tbey are to .i do buy new ones occasionally but prefer to buy vintage and antique knives.I have brought an A.Wright &Son 6"bowie with the work back and am very satisfied with it .It won't be used just for my collection and for me to look at it and admire the workmanship .
  3. Can you help with dating this A Wright hawksbill (pruning)knife please. your help will be appreciated. Ps. Love my sheffield knives..thanks
  4. Vulcan penknife

    Ok .i leave the passport at home and come on a prayer.lol.
  5. Vulcan penknife

    So many cutlers in sheffield .just didn't realise how many .love this forum . One day going to have to visit sheffield Don't really venture outside essex very much .but did take my grandson to norwich uni last weekend.so getting closer.cheers.
  6. Vulcan penknife

    Thanks for all your help .someone might come in with the answer I'm looking for or maybe not but any way thanks for all theinfo given???
  7. Vulcan penknife

    Thanks steveHB..do you think my knife dates to 1879 or there abouts?
  8. Vulcan penknife

    As there is not an enland stamp on the tang does this mean that it is dated at about 1889.?
  9. Vulcan penknife

    Thats what i thought.originally i thought it was bland but now after a longer look at it i love the green tinge and how the colours flow together.
  10. Vulcan penknife

    Hi everyone .been out and about and spent a few nuggets on this penknife and am now trying to get date of manufacture on it as near as i can .its a Vulcan T.Ellin .sheffield 2 blade one spring kife .looks like horn scales .any help would be fantastic.thanks.
  11. Violin penknife

    Thanks so much for that .i really appreciate that.looks like you've hit the nail on the head.. Thankyou my friends.
  12. Violin penknife

    Sorry for tbe late reply .been working today.i have taken some more photo's with a tape measure beside the knife.
  13. Violin penknife

    Hi there everyone.just wondered if you could help me out .i have just brought a novelty penknife in the shape of a violin .The thing is ime not sure wether it was made in sheffield or not because its not stamped anywhere on the tang with sheffield.looks really old and the blade looks well worn even where the blade rubs on the spring.looked at it with a magnifying glass and has G S on one side and what looks like N ROLIGHT on the other side.looked on the webb and havent found another one as yet or the name if its correct.Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Machette

    Glad to here that tozzin.not a very nice blade come up against.the scales on this one are resin i beleive.
  15. Machette

    Done some more reseach and it seems as though the blsde was made by JJ Beal and may be J Brooks just made the sheath.?