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  1. Adrian Cook

    Two blade penknife.

    I really don't know what to say tozzin except they damm well ought to be concerned .About 5 months ago I bought a new penknife from Micheal May which apparently he bought up a lot of Trevor Abblet machinery (I consider myself very lucky to have acquired 3of Trevor,s knives just after he passed away) so I suppose what I'm saying is there is a market out there still for beautiful Sheffield knives and up and coming cutler's .These councils all they seem to worry about is lining there pockets without a thought of the history they are destroying .Just Two Words .ITs Ludicrous.Adrian.
  2. Adrian Cook

    Two blade penknife.

    Surely Sheffield historical society will step in and try to stop it .Seems like most councils are so short sighted.Its your history (Our history)they are destroying.Needs some some good old British protesting.Bring it on .
  3. Adrian Cook

    Two blade penknife.

    Thank you.tozzin.like I've said before you guys are the best .As you must know by now I love my Sheffield knives .love researching them and love the workmanship on them and feel so lucky to be able to come on this forum for the help .so many thanks again and hope I can keep coming back again and again if that's ok.If I can help others that are in the same position as me I will gladly help .Been living in Essex all my life but Sheffield is where I do intend to visit hopefully sooner rather than later .Thank you.
  4. Adrian Cook

    Two blade penknife.

    Thanks so much for your help again.really would be at a loss without your help so just like to repeat myself again Thank you.Adrian.
  5. Adrian Cook

    Two blade penknife.

    Thanks boginspro.so are Sylvester over co and Thomas Ellin & co the same entity and can I assume the knife was made within those dates?.
  6. Adrian Cook

    Two blade penknife.

    Thanks tozzin ,yet another mystery sheffield cutler.Lovely little knife though Thank heaven for Sheffield.
  7. Adrian Cook

    Two blade penknife.

    Hi there fellow S/H members.I seem to have come to an end of Googleing for research on this lovely little knife .every time I Google Silvester&co it just brings up all about Silvester street which is not actually giving me any info on the knife.If possible I would like to know more on who made it and when but alas ime at a loss .so if you can help in any way I would be thankful.adrian.
  8. Adrian Cook

    G Butler folding knives

    Hello Sheffield history men and women.i now have two butler knives in my collection .the oldest one (well worn ) I've had for quite a while,The other one which is probably later when it was made I brought 3 days ago.The older one has G .BUTLER on one side of the tang and Sheffield +A.R.T. on the other side.The other later made knife has G.BUTLER.&CO.Sheffield on the tang with nothing on the other side.just wondering if anyone could put dates on these knives.thanks.
  9. Adrian Cook

    Miniature penknife

    Hi folks.havn't been around for a while .father-in-law passed away.Lovely guy didn't quite make 89 but been waiting two long years to join the love of his life .So there together again which where he wanted to be .well on to a small difficulty I have .brought this little knife yesterday and am trying to gain information on it. done a little research myself but come up with nothing.I don't really know if it's Sheffield or not .It's about 60mm long when closed has 2blades with brass bolsters and faux tortoishall scales and a pearl in the end .It has come off a string of pearls as there are holes in it so don't know if it originally was apearl inset.As you can see on the photos of the tang it has BUTT with a 4 above it and another word above that which I can't make out .Please help if you can .thanks .Adrian .
  10. Adrian Cook

    Knife Maker

    I just wonder if this is the name over that shop you have been trying to find.Today I have just brought off a friend this 2bladed penknife.i haven't cleaned it ,just put some gun oil on the joints and now it snaps shut perfectly.The name on the tang reads WRAGGS ARUNDEL ST SHEFFIELD ENGLAND.
  11. Adrian Cook

    Rural Cutlers

    Hi there .I have been looking online for cutler,s in stanington and serounding areas which I think they call hallamshire, please correct me if I'm wrong.i came up with quite a few.Peter Bales-1590-Benjiman Drable-Brights-Foljambes-Wortcliffes-Jessops-Seliokes-G,Farmer 1721-George Smith-1749-Barber-Joseph Beal-Johnathan Watkins-1787-George. More-RobertHow1774-Montgomeries1797 and Wardle&Bentham-1814.I am not sure but I think I may have one penknife from that eara may be two and another?Here are some photos.No1-G Farmer-No2-Barns-Cutler and Much later i think James Barber.
  12. Adrian Cook

    Multi blade Geo Gill

    Just a thought 'Wondering if anyone can put a date on this knife',thanks,
  13. Adrian Cook

    Multi blade Geo Gill

    Thank you Edmund. I wonder why they stopped making knives as they were producing exerlent penknives weren't they. When I buy knives around boot fairs accasionally the people don't know appreciate what skill went in to make these knives and I am so glad people like us do and to rescue them before they rust away. Thanks again.
  14. Adrian Cook

    Multi blade Geo Gill

    I' really didn't think it was that old. It's beautiful little penknife. Im so glad to be a member of this forum ,really would be lost and probably never find the information that I look for.Absolutely love collecting Sheffield knives old and new I would like to thank you guys for all the information you find for people like me .Hope you don't mind me coming back again and again in the near future with some more Sheffield k Ives. Thank you.
  15. Adrian Cook

    Multi blade Geo Gill

    Hi there.Happy holidays to everyone.looks like the good weather is going to with us for this one.Just thought you would like to see another Sheffield knife I bought at a boot fair .4 blades -brass liners and ivory type scales, all blades have a good snap to them.Another lovely Sheffield knife for my collection.Happy days?