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  1. Hi Everyone... Do you remember The Top Rank Suite which turned into Steely's disco on Saturday nights in the mid to late 70s +.. I do ..I use to be one of the full time Djs along with Stuart McEgan..2,500+ people every Saturday night, and the dance floor held 800 dancers..The two levels of the club where packed ...disco at it's best...Loved It..Miss it.. What's your memories.. Regards..Kevin Dinnigan..
  2. Hi All. I use to be a full time Dj in the 70s.. I started at Genevieve's and upstairs at Mona Lisa's in the 70s then moved to The Top Rank Suite-Steely's- and i opened Improvisions at the same venue on a Sunday night before leaving Sheffield in December 1979 to live in Perth-Australia.. Great Times..Great People..Great Music.. Best Regards..
  3. Hi Everyone.. I use to be one of the Djs at Genevieve's and also upstairs at Mona Lisa's in the mid 70s along with the other Dj at the time Peter? and still in contact on Facebook with the bars manager at the time David Bagshaw.. Great club with many students and nurses during the week, especially students night. Max O'mara was the owner and i cant remember his offsider at the time..The era was when funk music was in vogue and the start of Saturday Night Fever..great times..great music.. Then i moved to the Top Rank Suite/Steely's/Improvisions.. Loved it....Miss it...
  4. Hi ..i use to be the Dj along with Stuart Mcegan in the 70s when it was The Top Rank Suite..then Steelys and i opened the Sunday night Improvision rock/new wave concert nights..Some great bands on a Sunday night..Great times at the Rank in the 70s..regards..Kevin