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  1. As a young child we Were frequent visitors to the people who lived at chase farm, Loxley. I was always told, although they may have been pulling my leg, that Robin Hood lived at the bottom of black lane which ran behind Chase Farm
  2. I'm doing some family research and 3-4 generations of my family lived in the Oakes Green, Hanson Square area of attercliffe. They were all involved in either scissor forging or silver plating. Does anyone have any info about the area and what it would be like to have lived there in mid 17oo's to late 1800's. Failing that can anyone recommend books or articles to read please. Thanks in anticipation
  3. My Nanan and her sister, who lived at Loxley, used to go to the first house at the Kinema every Saturday in the summer when the nights were late so Aunty didn't have to go home on the bus in the dark. I had my first ever date there when I was 14 we went to see The Sandpiper. I can remember the young mans name but I won't disclose it here, lol. We met at hillsborough bridge and walked to the kinema from there.
  4. I can remember that number 3 Dixon Road was a bakery, I remember my Nanan lived on Wynyard Road and she used to send me down to the Bakers ( just can't bring the name to mind, it could have been Dixons) for a large well done uncut white loaf and a Sally Lunn. By the time I had walked back up Wynyard I had eaten the crust off one side of the loaf and half the burnt crust off the top. She never once reprimanded me and still sent me every Saturday afternoon. I remember Hawksworths really well they made their own ice lollies which were wonderful. This would be late 50's early 60's. Trying desperately to remember what shop was on the corner or at number 5. I remember Slacks on Middlewood Road and the newsagents. My uncle used to send me down there every Saturday tea time to buy him a green un. Happy days
  5. I always thought Bronco Laynes cafe was on the corner of Catch Bar Lane and Leppings Lane. Last time I was in Sheffield the cafe was called something like Four Lanes or Four Ways. Strange how memories play tricks
  6. Lovely to see this photo, I used to live at the top of Dykes Lane in the late 50's and early 60'S
  7. Yes I remember going to Hillsborough Baths in the early 60's we went from Malin Bridge school and I also went with friends. I seem to remember swimming in a gala there once. It's certainly the place I learned to swim.
  8. I lived on Anlaby Street as a young child in the early 1950's. I thought I remembered some sort of factory at the bottom of the street but came across a photo on google that show what looks like large garages with lorries in front. Can anyone tell me what this was please.? I also have a memory of a school on the corner of Anlaby street and Penistone Road can anyone help with that. Thanks in anticipation