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  1. A bit late, but I found this post via another query.. A&F Parkes were a Birmingham firm, founded in 1837. In 1887 they became a private company, and in 1961 had 190 employees (source: Graces Guide). They became part of English Tools Ltd (together with Morris & Sons), and finally incorporated into Bulldog Tools. As far as I know they did not have any works in Sheffield, but on ebay this week is a Sheffield made tool bearing the Parkes Biped logo. This is the second of its type I have seen within 12 months - both are tea pruners - usually intended for export, but may have uses in the UK as garden pruning hooks. Many Sheffield makers made these for export - my guess is Parkes had an order and outsourced it to another maker as they were not set up for these... This was quite common practice among edge tool makers in the past... I cannot post the images - a problem with this site... They can be seen here, on Facebook: