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  1. About the mid 60's I was the assistant manager to Harry Murray at the Gaumont. Not certain of the exact dates but I was posted there from the Gaumont Liverpool soon after a large piece of coving had fallen from under the circle onto the stalls during the showing of "Disneyland After Dark" and which can still be seen on YouTube, I can recall Mr Murray telling me about it and telling the invading Argus reporters how to "go away" which apparently they did. Mr Murray enjoyed his daily quota of bottled beer which a commissionaire would bring to his office from the pub at the back of the theatre, never to my recollection completely sober but on live show nights he invariably shifted the Blue Label Bass's to excess. He was a showman through and through and the Gaumont was a beautiful theatre but like nearly every other Gaumont, Odeon and other theatres within the Rank Organisation empire were irretrievably vandalised or razed, so sad. I recall a publicity visit by Pat Pheonix to a Saturday kids matinee and I still have a photograph of her wearing very sensuous grey kid gloves being escorted by me down the stalls isle onto the front of stage rostrum. Although I otherwise enjoyed my period at the Gaumont, Mr Murray had a secretary called Barbara who was a thoroughly unpleasant and grossly overweight bully and because of her I was very happy to occasionally also do relief duties for Mr Mann who managed the Odeon. I was subsequently posted to the Majestic Leeds during the very long running Sound of Music, Google "Leeds of Yesteryear".