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  1. Always liked Paul's voice, through the years, but this documentary really showed how revered he is, in the music industry. Great stuff. Saw him with Clapton a year or two back. He was playing the Hammond to the far right of Eric and another great Sheffield musician, Chris Stainton was playing the piano to Eric's far left. To top it all off they encored with a Joe Cocker song " High Time We Went", which Paul sang. Lot's of great players on stage that night.
  2. In the 60's it was best known for it's *** bar staff especially a lad called Shirley, who was hilarious but was not to be messed with.
  3. I could never forget that moron. If you check out the late pages of a De La Salle thread on the History and Ex pats board at Sheffield Forum, you will see a few posts of mine, one particular story relates to him how you described. I basically called him what you did , or words to that effect .
  4. I suffered, I mean attended De La Salle College, Scott Rd. in Pitsmoor from 1956 to 1961. Well I could write a book on my experiences at this catholic grammar school(long gone). However, I will not , suffice to say I entered the institution a devout catholic and exited an atheist, which I still am.