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  1. The Crimea Monument

    To answer the second question in the original post (the Restaurant); Moorhead Vaults - The Grapes Hotel (with Redgates as a neighbour off-shot to the right!).
  2. On 1st August 2012 andyrad posted on 'The Old Pond Street Bus Station' thread, page 4, in the Transport Section, a link to facebook containing photos by copperbeachStudios which still works! Click on the 15 and scroll through.
  3. The Old Pond Street Bus Station

    It's taken a while to stir my grey matter on this memory but in the first half of the 50's I think you caught the 102 in the first lane near the 'kiosk' location as you say. The 54,55 and 60 at that time started (I thought) from Leopold Street ( City Grammar) outward via West street and returned as you describe via Division Street so you would get off the bus by the Cinema House, it would then turn left into Leopold Street to complete the circuit. I don't know exactly when the 60's ran to/from the Midland Station but maybe it was during the years you were travelling to KE's and that you might have had to adjust your regular habit to accommodate a route change. Does this help or am I just 'muddying the water' ?
  4. Sheffield Victoria Train Station

    Could this thread please be linked to the earlier one i,e.
  5. Help needed with this old Sheffield shop

    Flags and Shield on post at rhs of picture........King George V Coronation was 22 June 1911 so around that time.
  6. Tram Locations

    This is one of the photos of H B Priestley in Kenneth Gandy's ' Sheffield Corporation Tramways'. The caption says "Standard cars Nos.203 and 247 in the Ecclesall siding reservation,on 28th April 1940". The motor car is a Flying Standard whose registration appears to be GWE 26 - (1939/40)
  7. Perhaps the significance of the photo is the year quoted. Kenneth Gandy's book includes the following information; " In 1957 the pace of tramway abandonments quickened, and there were two closures per annum from that year until the final closure in 1960. The first and largest closure of 1957 was Crookes - Handsworth including Crookes Depot on 4th May. This involved the abandonment of track between West Street junction and Crookes terminus and between Prince of Wales Road junction, Darnall and Handsworth terminus, a total length in single line terms of eight miles,six furlongs and 188yds. This closure also included the peak hour services from Crookes and Handsworth to Brightside and Vulcan Road. The last car at Crookes was No.194 at 1.30 on Sunday morning, 5th May, and it returned directly to Tenter Street Depot; the last car from Handsworth was No.33. Crookes Depot was later taken over by the Parks Department of the Corporation." Whoever took that photograph could have been aware of the particular significance it had at the time but didn't caption the reason or precise date. I think it may possibly have been the 'Last on that route' though it does look very empty!
  8. The Duchess Of Norfolk opens Herries Road

    The view is looking in a South Westerly direction, Oxspring Dam on the righthand side, towards the Wednesday ground.
  9. Sheffield Crucible Theatre being built

    The year was 1970 and the excavation in the immediate foreground shows the basement level of the former Nether Chapel (built 1828 on the site of the earlier 1715 chapel) which site is now occupied by the Central United Reformed Church ( built in 1971 as the new Nether Chapel). There were a number of graves within this site particularly adjacent to Chapel Walk and the Victoria Hall (bottom LH corner of picture).
  10. Sheffields Flora and Fauna

    Must have just popped out during the commercial break!
  11. Railbus?

    Photographed this unusual mixture of a bus with a transplanted front in 1984 at Doncaster Works alongside a Class141 unit. An online search hasn't come up with any other photos, so far, nor what sort of duties such a vehicle could undertake. Can anyone offer information about this experimental project ?
  12. Tram Locations

    This thread keeps popping up with more information from older members so after looking for pictures of the old Rotherham 'single-ended' cars have located two, one from 1947 and the other when buses took over in 1949.. Apologies for the poor quality of the scans; a third picture shows tracklesses. Used to have some interesting visits to relatives in Rotherham (before cars became more available to families) using all three types of PSV.
  13. Thought they were also known as 'nipits', very strong!
  14. Redgates Toy Shop - Sheffield - Photos

    Hi malc b; I think the shop you mention first on St Paul's Parade is Hobbies, balsa wood,fretwork saws etc for model enthusiasts. Kenyons shop was at the bottom of Bellhouse Road near its junction with Firth Park Crescent not very far from Stubbin Lane. The post by boginspro on March 9th included part of a picture of The Moorhead in 1938. This featured on a Christmas Card in 1989 from an original painting by local artist Terry Gorman. More detail on this scan:
  15. The tall walls outside the Peace Gardens

    In the early 50's as one of the OS Surveyors working on the 1/1250 plans, I used the standards to check tapes and chains to verify their accuracy. Some time ago, looking through earlier posts, I found they had been moved to Cheney Row from the site at St Paul's Parade which I used. Glad to know they haven't disappeared!