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  1. Hi Edmund I have suddenly received my membership for this site, many many months after my application, but better late than never! My husband Lionel is one of the 3xgreat grandsons of Emanuel Eaton, and we were delighted to find your article here. Thank you so much for all of your efforts and respect for this forgotten ancestor. Emanuel's son Joseph Eaton Lee (1815-1898) had two sons who migrated to Australia - Arthur in 1880 and Elijah in 1886. They were both moderately successful businessmen who raised families in Sydney, where some of their descendants still live. Their niece Rose Ethel migrated to Queensland much later, in the 1950s. I have also followed up on Emanuel's book of poetry, and the University of Sheffield library has supplied me with a scanned copy, which has now been donated to the State Library of New South Wales. We are going to visit Sheffield on a visit to the UK in July this year, and I hope we will be able to see the gravestone for ourselves in Ecclesfield Cemetery. Again, many thanks for your work and for posting it here for me to find, Best regards, Judy King A collection of original poems / by E. Eaton, the Fairyland Poet