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  1. Yes, I started off in the new extension building first with Mr Everett and Mr Ward then along the glass bridge and left right to the end for Mr Rosenbergs class. The windows looked out onto Craddock Road. I don't seem to remember a Mr chapman. Seem to recall there were about 40 kids in our class as well, that was normal then. A few months ago my sister and I had a walk from the tram stop up Spring Lane and round onto Craddock Road, to have a look at the old site, I knew the school had burned down, but was surprised to see all the new houses built there, we were trying to work out exactly where my old classroom was. My sister was also at Norfolk but she is 10yrs older than me, so she probably has different memories, although she remembers most of the same teachers.
  2. Hello Dave H, yes Steve was in my class at school, we were in Mr Rosenbergs class in the finishing year. I started off in Mr Everetts class then Mr Wards class, can't remember whether I had Mr Rosenberg longer than a year. Mr Thompson was the headteacher at that time and Mr Whittam deputy, he always looked very stern. We had Mr Gill for geography, Mr Ward English Mr Matthews science then Mr Bridson, who married Miss Curry, Mrs Grant for French and Mr Naylor for music.
  3. Hello Dave H, I went there from 1966 from Park Hill junior school, and left in 1970, finishing in Mr Rosenbergs class. I feel that I should know you from some of the comments you put on here, but seem to remember reading that you left a little later than me and Steve HB.anyway thanks for the welcome and hope I get some more replies.
  4. Hello everyone, I have just joined as a new member. It's taken one year and four months to finally get accepted, why is there such a long hold up? I am also an ex Norfolk / Craddock Road pupil. I really enjoyed reading all the threads about our old school, and seeing the photos of all the teachers just as I remember them. I am a complete novice on the laptop, so I hope this message gets to the right place, as not exactly sure what to do. Also, if Steve HB is Steve Brackenborough, then he was also in my class at school. My name is Anne, used to be Oxley, and used to live just up the road from Steves aunty Edna, and Bob who we knew well. My dad used to drink with Bob in the Matilda Tavern years ago. Anyway looking forward to being on this forum at long last.
  5. Just trying to introduce myself on here, but i only recently registered, and haven't got a clue how to ask questions or get replies. I am a complete beginner on the laptop so don't really know where this message will end up.