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  1. That building that was behind the wall was a school my dad attended around 1920. It was the only 'senior' school in the area then as Burngreave wasn't built until 1931. Later becoming Firth-Brown property. Correct that the Carlisle Street East side was a 'Firth-Brown' ambulance station with Air raid shelters underneath. The Forncett Street side was a canteen.
  2. I used to live 1/2 mile from that place. Interesting the way they spell 'Cyder' and 'Bulmer's' were a rival Company' If that was their head office (which I doubt), they should know how to spell 'Savile' Street properly !
  3. The school I think you are referring to was on Carlisle Street East, bordering Garter Street and Forncett Street. My father went to the school around 1920 as it was the only 'secondary' school in the Burngreave area then . My dad lived on Lucas Street, only yards away from what became Burngreave Council School but that wasn't built until 1931. The Carlisle Street East school later became property of Firth- Brown's, the Forncett Street side being a canteen and the street level on Carlisle Street East (and the basement ) was an First-Aid station for that company. The building or indeed the outer walls are still there as of 2017.
  4. The photo of Mattock's (s25421) is at the Ellesmere Road/Gower Street junction with the old Burngreave library to the left. Mattock's had the shop that was behind the van and then took the store to the left that used to be Gowers and Burgon's.
  5. The Pye Bank tower blocks were completed in mid 1961 (George Wimpey &Co.) The proper name was ' The Woodside Development'. Most of the adjacent houses were not finished until 1963.
  6. One access to the 'rec' was on Petre Street (steps) near Littlewood's coach garage, another at Scott Street, also steps and behind the Alexandra pub and one from the middle of Garter Street (no steps.).
  7. The houses on Cossey Road that were bombed were near the Earsham Street corner. The school was at the bottom if Cossey Road on the corner of Forncet Street and is still there.
  8. I understand that Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss- who were cousins- were born in the same house (at different times) on Andover Street, Pitsmoor. I lived on Petre Street as a kid and thought the Warriss' who lived at the bottom of Carwood Road, (they had two boys Neil and Wayne) that the dad was Ben's brother.
  9. Yes the 'Lowdrop' and The 'Crown Inn' were the same place until the name change. It was on the corner of Faraday Road and Bessemer Road which is between Stevenson Road and Brightside Lane. From what I understand, the place had 'unique' opening and closing hours due to the various nearby works.
  10. Didn't 'Italian Ted' formerly of 'Josephine's' once have something to do with 'Gossips' ?
  11. I've looked before, to no avail as I used to live nearby. I can tell you tho' that the Star Inn closed either late 1964 or early '65 and was a 'Tetley's' pub.
  12. The last licencee of the 'Albion', Verdon Street was Harry Rollinson . The whole area was re-developed and Harry moved to another nearby 'Ward's' pub. 'the 'Tea Gardens' on Grimesthorpe Road.
  13. The 'Elephant' (Tennant's later Whitbread's) was across Fitzalan Square from the 'Bell'. the old 'Odeon' cinema was next to it.
  14. Anyone have memories of the Toll Gate at Pitsmoor Road ?