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    Jackson The Tailor on Fargate in Sheffield City Centre

    I was the Manager there for the final two years before Burtons took it over and put a TOP SHOP in there.
  2. Matador


    That brought a little tear to my eye many thanks David A Brit in the USA
  3. I went to Newman Open Air School (same idea) in Whiston. David A Brit in the USA
  4. Matador


    I,m a Rotherham lad lived at 129 Wortley Road (demolished in 83) lived in Kimberworth Park then moved to Chapeltown before emigrating to the USA in 83 my Brother and Sister still live in Rotherham. David A Brit in the USA
  5. Matador


    I used to be a Manager at Jackson the Tailor on Fargate it was taken over by Burtons. David A Brit in the USA
  6. Originally from Rotherham but moved to Sheffield then Chapeltown and then the USA in 83 never been back home, found the site and have allready done five or six replies it really is very good. Gave me a boost no end. David Cooke A Yorkshire lad in Prescott Valley Arizona http://www.pvaz.net/
  7. Why did you Leave and is your life better or worse because of that move I moved to the USA in 83 travelled all around and landed in Prescott Valley Arizona. Standard of living is better, Material wealth is better, I work for myself (I build and paint Models for Museums and Private Collectors) but the Health care system is rubbish the schooling is rubbish and the constant danger from guns is something you live with on a daily basis. I hate the Countries Politics I feel that Bush has destroyed 40yrs of Diplomatic relations and he is even talking about WWIII and yet the politicians allow him to carry on, ah well not much I can do about it. I have to have my British Food fix at least once a month and I miss having a good natter down the Pub. Thought about moving back a couple of years ago but the cost of housing etc etc etc put a stop to that. David Cooke A Yorkshirelad in the USA.
  8. Matador

    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    Arizona but who knows it may come to Phoenix David Cooke A Yorkshirelad in the USA
  9. Matador

    Toys - what did you have ?

    Original Tin Plate Scalextric, Hornby Dublo 3 rail train set "Duchess of Montrose", and a Dan Dare Radio Station. oh and dont let me forget ESCALADO Horse racing game I bought another one of EBAY UK a couple of years ago had it sent to the US and the kids loved it. David Cooke A Yorkshire lad in the USA
  10. Matador

    Watch with Mother

    If you go to YOUTUBE you can watch each and everyone of them and believe me at 61 I still laugh. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Andy+Pandy David Cooke A Yorkshirelad in the USA
  11. Matador

    I didn't know you cared

    Are you sure thats Rotherham Masborogh Station I Trainspotted many hours but dont remember a canal at all ??? David Cooke A Yorkshirelad in the USA
  12. Matador

    Diana Dors

    Bloody hell I have told my wife about that ,I was on the Bus the first one in line held up they had all spotlights it was at the building end of the bridge and I think it was about 5 o clock David Cooke A Yorkshire lad in the USA
  13. Matador

    Joe Cocker

    Things have changed for Joe since his plumbing days he has a Huge house in Colorado and is very popular here in the US David Cooke A Yorkshire lad in the USA
  14. Matador

    Fish & Chip Shops

    Oh the joys of the Chippy here in the US even Chippies opened by Brits just dont taste the same we even have one that wont use vinegar. My back home chippy the one in Ecclesfield next to the Garage (my old mates place) probably gone after all these years. David Cooke A Yorkshirelad in the USA
  15. Thanks for the Memories David Cooke A Yorkshirelad in the USA
  16. Matador

    Wicker Arches

    I was interested in the authenticity of the various Busses and Trams in the picture and was told the time period was wrong for those particular Busses and Trams to be together by a member of the Transpotation Museum. I have the picture on the wall of my workshop here in the US reminding me of those long cold days from Rotherham to Sheffield on the number 69. David Cooke A Yorkshirelad in the USA
  17. Matador

    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    Dont forget Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons saw them a couple of time Frankie is still performing here in the US he is in his Seventies. The Four Tops came into Jackson the Tailors on the Moor? when I worked as a Salesman I sold a pair of Maroon Leather shoes to Duke (The one with glasses) they gave me free tickets for the show, Duke is the only one still performing. David Cooke A Yorkshirelad in the USA.
  18. My Mum always told me that My Dad and her (both deceased) had been at the Marples that night and had left early to get back to Rotherham on the tram. I can clearly remember going to Sheffield with my Mum on a Tram. I seem to remember downed buildings and such would that have been possible at least 4 maybe 5 years after the war?? (I was born in 46). David Cooke A Yorkshirelad in the USA
  19. Matador

    The Full Monty

    Lived in the USA since 83 from Chapeltown never been able to afford to go home but The Full Monty brought me to tears of Laughter when I saw it and still does today. David Cooke A Brit in the USA
  20. Matador

    Sheffield Tigers speedway

    Here is one of Bengdt and the other is me on gate 2 at the old Wordsworth Ave track that has just been rebuilt into a first class Cycle Speedway Track. Cycle Speedway is alive and well at the Graves Park track. David Cooke
  21. Matador

    Sheffield Tigers speedway

    What great memories especially the 1972 pic I rode Cycle Speedway for the Sheffield Stars and Sradbroke Arrows, I also rode with Phil White. I emigrated to the USA in 83 and started the first Cycle Speedway Track in the USA www.cyclespeedwayusa.com. Not much Speedway over here and what we have are really small tracks we used to have The World Championships on TV but that stopped a couple of Years ago. in 2004 we had the first ever Great Britain vs USA Youth Cycle Speedway match here (pic attached) the kid in the picture is actually Scottish his parents emigrated here 10 years ago David Cooke A Brit in the USA