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  1. Tragic how they could pull down a great building like that to replace it with that tasteless unsuitable white thing. Totally out of place. At least they did a better job of fitting orchard square in down the other end.
  2. I've been inspired by these pictures from picture Sheffield and have been searching for more pictures and info about the Saville street areas. I've searched this site and can find a fair bit about the pubs but how about any info on: The Wicker Goods Station, railway lines, sidings, tunnel etc http://www.picturesheffield.com/jpgh/s14711.jpg http://www.picturesheffield.com/jpgh/s14712.jpg Firth Bown ltd Siemens works (east) (demolished 1980) http://www.picturesheffield.com/jpgh/u03762.jpg http://www.picturesheffield.com/jpgh/u03761.jpg http://www.picturesheffield.com/jpgh/t02991.jpg http://www.picturesheffield.com/jpgh/t02993.jpg http://www.picturesheffield.com/jpgh/t02994.jpg http://www.picturesheffield.com/jpgh/t02998.jpg http://www.picturesheffield.com/jpgh/t02999.jpg Firth Brown Atlas Works (east) http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Yorkshire/im...tlasWorks_1.jpg I know the goods station is where the vauxhall dealers stands now and I can place the goods line and where it would have come off the still-in-use line around the start of Brightside lane. I know the 2 works were on Savile st east (after the first junction) and I'm guessing they where on the north side of Savile st. When were the Atlas works demolished? and does anyone have any more pictures? Cheers
  3. I had the chance to explore the inside of the John watts lambert works buildings a few years ago. It was a good few years after the works had been vacated but nothing had been touched. Total laberynth of a place I got completely lost. Sheets, papers, tools pencils machinery all still in place as if everybody had just got up and left one day and never returned. I remember one big room 2/3 storeys high with a balcony round. . lots of hidden places and seperate buildings/areas interconnected. Little wooden steps up to isolated 4th floor rooms. such an old building. very old and spooky. wish I had the chance to take pictures. building is still there now I think they're apartments or soon to be.
  4. ok I might have got memories mixed up a bit . I can definately remember coming out of boots into a subway with display windows. I can also remember when the Bankers draft was the Midland bank. Used to go there often on visits to town. There must be more pictures about. what shops where accessable from the hole in the road in the 80s? I have memories of being taken through to a fast food place but could be all mixed up sorry I missed the original post Tandys!! I can remember that sng hill cinema as well only went once I was very young and remember it being stood empty for a while too.
  5. I'm sure you've seen them before but there's loads of Howard street on picture sheffield Below: Howard Street, premises include No 82, Mrs E. Moore, Hairdressers, No 80, Abbey Glen Laundry Co., No 78, Edward Willis Ltd., Butchers, No 76, Harold Brook (News) Ltd., No 72, Arthur Davy & Sons, Provision Dealers, County Hotel
  6. Is it just me or have the dates all gone messed up on picture sheffield? where there used to be dates it's now become messed up.. anyway wish I could remember the exact dates for these. I guess from the cars it looks like 50's in the first and 60's in the second? late 60's? number one Arundel Street at the junction of Howard Street, showing No 25, The Wee Cutlery Shop (proprietor F. Dodd) and No 29, The Sheffield Smelting Company.jpg number two Arundel Street at junction with Howard Street, showing No 25, The Wee Cutlery Shop (proprietor F. Dodd) and the College of Technology.jpg
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBEj7T7WYM8 who can id the places in this Sensoria video from 1984. One about half way through he is walking in the don valley with a view of Tinsley viaduct behind him. He seems to be walking on a huge 'concrete field' as I called them. Possibly the site of a half demolished Hadfields or somewear nearby? (about 2.45 minets into the video)
  8. Just found the drama on the sheffield forum. The site is a rusting old railway sidings and a big scrap yard it's hardly the garden of eden or something. This kind of area is well suited to this kind of development imo especially with the railway degrees at SHU. People must realise the history of this place? do you think the estate agents have been selling it as some sort of country village?
  9. They recently took up the old tracks at the sidings near Orgreave / Beighton junction. I would love to see some old pictures of this area in full operation. Looks like I've found the reason for them digging them all up .. have a look at this. http://www.railwaypeople.com/rail-news-art...field-1331.html
  10. I knew there would be a thread about this somewear on here. In the 80s my dad used to park in the car park on the site of this hospital and you could still see the details of stairs and basement rooms remaining in the rubble and I think the first floor of the front facade. I asked what used to be there and he told me about the hospital. Good to see pictures of it, victorian buildings are always so impressive.
  11. Sadmax later and more famously known as: The Arches 9 walker street, Wicker arches
  12. Yeah the Harlequin did the best chips ever. Must of been 3 or 4 years ago now when it closed and was replaced with some expensive italian sandwich rubbish. The one on flat street has always been a bit rubbish imo. Should do a thread about classic caffes and greasy spoons around town, I can think of one or two but know there must be loads.
  13. Those pictures of the excalators brings back memories. I remember the ones near boots and always getting impatiant stuck behind slow people on the escalators. I remember the network of long dimly lit tunnels and the smell of p***. I was still a kid in the 80s my dad used to take me to that restaurant in rackams aswell I remember it being so busy out the window on saturdays The old picture is fascinating. I can't imagine the area before Arundal gate. I've seen pictures on picturesheffield around howard street area and it looks alien. edit: This is quoted from the sheffield forum not sure how true it is.. I always wondered why there was a underground subway leading from boots\fargate area down to the hole in the road when you could just walk along the pavement and get to an esculator to the hole in the road anyway. It was good tho Sheffield centre feels much smaller now without all the underground and hidden places.
  14. Forgemasters (which I think was Winston Hazel and Rob Gordon) Sweet Exorcist (which was Richard H Kirk (Cabs) and DJ Parrot) The start of WARP records. Legendary part of Sheffields elctronic music history.