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  1. Addy Street was originally called Addey Street till 1915. It was built on land owned by two brothers, of the Addey family originally from Cudworth. could it be the fields of said family (from Peter Harveys book)
  2. I remember using one years ago
  3. I seem to recall something like this that was a tin opener, but had small adjustable blade used for the actual cutting. The point was used to put a hole in middle of can and used as a pivot
  4. Was the river diverted when they built Broadfield Rd? The land was used for Express Dairys The land above the river was used by Tyzack Turner when they got rid of the goit On the right of the photo is a dam for the waterwheel at Tyzacks, was later built on by Laycocks I think
  5. FELLOWS, John Henry (Publican, age 75). Died at 80 Addy St, 1929. FELLOWS, Elizabeth (Widow, age 60). Died at Victoria Hotel, Addy St, 1935
  6. St Bartholomews Ch between Primrose Hill and Burgoyne Rd. The pillars are from the old church
  7. Just after I started work my "boss" used to get me to take and collect his shirts from there
  8. You could well be right. just looked up photos and you are correct
  9. Its after 1918 as the York and Lancs memorial is in place
  10. The coffee bar was on the ground floor and a steak type room downstairs
  11. James Cycle shops are on the other side of the road. Think that there are playground swings about there
  12. Looks like it has just been built and in final stages of finishing to me. Still no idea where it is