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  1. He was my doctor , i remember him coming to do a home visit when i was about 8 or 9 and he diagnosed viral meningitis . His surgery was a bungalow on Bocking Lane and was always lovely and warm , i think if im right , he always had a sleeping dog in his surgery as well Lovely bloke
  2. I first went to the Daisy when i was 14 , yeah i got in no prob as well ! After that i was never away
  3. I know my older brother and sister used to go to the Penny Farthing . I was only little and couldnt wait till i grew up so i could go , it had gone by the time i was old enough , well , 15 anyway
  4. I cant seem to upload a pic iv messaged a couple of people about this i want an avatar . I just logged into this site via facebook also i dont want my full name on here , can anyone help ?
  5. I can remember the car park but never took much notice of it as i wasnt a driver then.
  6. Actually it looks like one in Chesterfield but i cant remember the name of it
  7. Hi Iv just discovered this forum and im well happy that i have !! I look forward to joining in Jules
  8. Wow , yeah Turn Ups was good and for me very easily accessable . I never bothered goin once it moved into town though .
  9. Can anyone remember what colour the Jordanthorpe badge was ?