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  1. Amazing photo of Tinsley Viaduct

    I'd just love to see the Estate Agents blurb, if ever they had tried to market that property...... "With convenient access to road and rail transport links, ideally placed for the M1 motorway, this charming period property benefits from close ties with the areas industrial heritage...."
  2. The Co-Op opposite the ABC Cinema

    I seem to remember that the counter they sold cooked chickens, hot roast meats, etc. may at one time have been inside the entrance on Castle Street, next door to The Cannon pub? They had some rotisserie device like a miniature ferris wheel, with loads of chickens going round and around. I'm sure I used to go there with my Nan' and as she bought a chicken, she'd also buy me a roast chicken sarnie, in a crusty bread cake, straight off the hot counter. They have something similar in Morrisons today, but naturally a more modern version.... or I might be mistaken altogether? It was a long time ago...
  3. Tinsley Viaduct at Meadowhall

    Wiki page, with all the trivia you need.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinsley_Viaduct
  4. Cambridge Street meets Division Street

    6 doors down maybe???
  5. SOUND ADVICE electrical and hi-fi shop

    This is/was Superfi and back in the day, it was THE place for serious audiophile kit. However, it doesn't have much of a resemblance to the 'Sound Advice' store in the original image, both the layout of the store front and the canopy above?
  6. SOUND ADVICE electrical and hi-fi shop

    Not quite sure where you are? Do you mean Rockingham Gate? That was Superfi at No.1, but I don't believe it is the same type of building, nor would have that reflection in the window?
  7. 108 Andover Street Pitsmoor Brightside

    It seems to be a WikiBook, which means it has been compiled from lots of different sources into WikiPedia (hence the PediaPress publisher name). you can pay $65+ postage for a hard copy, or download a complete copy in PDF format here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book:Sheffield Seems to be the URL that is linked to the google books page in the earlier link?
  8. SOUND ADVICE electrical and hi-fi shop

    Obviously some sort of shopping precinct, with the canopy over and cars parked in the reflection of the shop window. Looks like the 'Boots' corner of the Berkeley Precinct / Centre to me, with the reflection of the building, having 'Age UK', Ladbroke, Sheffield Shop, etc. in it (Refrigeration Contacts, as was)? The roofline of the houses in Rosedale Gardens and the lamp standards in the car park also work in the reflection, so anyone agree, disagree, remember the actual shop being there? Not my end of town, so I wouldn't have been in, but it was fun trying to work it out just from the reflected image! I'm stood in the empty parking spot, to the right of the black VW Golf, leaning against the white post, taking this photo in what, mid-late 80's??? Oh, I should have looked first.... another image from Picture Sheffield, with the date as 20th February 1980, so a bit earlier than I had in mind?!.... pity it didn't have the location on, as it would have been easier to find the answer plus, on the PS photo, it's a little clearer and one can see the photographer in the shop window reflection also!
  9. Violin penknife

    Suggest the brand may be 'NORDLICHT'? German manufacturer of knives, blades, razors, etc. Someone else with a NORDLICHT razor on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/nordlicht-German-Cut-Throat-Razor-In-Original-Box-Antique-Unusual/162234045057?hash=item25c5e71281%3Ag%3ATloAAOSwzaJX-19D This may give you a starting point to find out more, but looks not to be Sheffield (or even British) made?
  10. Joseph Turner & Co

    If I'm reading the map you posted correctly, rather than being a block of flats, the building shown as 'Northern Tool Works' is now Ozmen Extra, a world food supermarket. However, in my day it was best known as Thomas Meldrum & Sons, manufacturers of pressed tools, box spanners, garage tooling equipment, etc. In fact, the majority of the 'Melco Works' are still standing and visible today, as well as on google aerial and street view. I'd go as far to say that the outlines of some of the derelict structures follow the lines of the original drawing (the red brick buildings on the right of the image, with the arch marked 'Wheatsheaf Works') This is a link to the map, with a pin on the location, with boundaries of John Street, Hill Street and Denby Street (then New Thomas Street) Modern Day Site of Northern Tool Works Some more links, with some familiar images included?! http://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/mr-punch-first-appearance-i-sorby-t82871.html https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Thomas_Meldrum Maybe someone has pointed this out already, but it appears you have a site many old buildings still standing and probably some new links to continue your research? p.s. Looking at an aerial view from 1948, the taller of the two chimneys is still standing and although the stack may look slightly different, look at the square base on both images. The buildings here are also much more familiar with the original image from almost a century earlier?!
  11. Unless you are an avid postcard collector, I'd suggest saving your brass and take a peek on PS, where there are many views of this road, before during and after this era: http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?&searchterms=Rivelin_valley_road&action=search&keywords=all%3BCONTAINS%3B%Rivelin_valley_road%%3B#rowNumber36 this one looks like it's just a bit further back and up the bank, but very similar?! http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s00734&pos=37&action=zoom&id=4624 a clearer view into Malin Bridge too.....
  12. Railbus?

    Promotional mock-up, by the looks of it? http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/83730-supercar-travelcard-promotional-bustubetrain/
  13. Victoria Train Station

    The plaques listing the fallen soldiers names were recovered and re-sited, as shown in the photo. The other elements of the memorial were either lost, or stolen, as the link below explains: http://www.iwm.org.uk/memorials/item/memorial/27674
  14. Can you identify this Sheffield street?

    If anyone fancies investing £12 on Alamy for the hi-res copy of the photo, the background would probably be a lot clearer and maybe provide some more clues? I had a go at filtering the image through Photoshop, but a 200kb preview image just hasn't got the pixel count to withstand any enhancement. It just breaks down into blurry blocks and is of no use. For the record, I still think it's the Neepsend gasometer, just for the fact of the hills each side and the others across the city don't have the same geography. Effingham Road, Wincobank, even Hillsborough..... I desperately wanted the building across the valley to be Stanley Tools Woodside, but it's never had that many storeys of white facade - just the extension....... or maybe as you say, it's not Sheffield?
  15. Jew Lane (Fitzalan Sq)

    Maybe so, but I was dropping off by the time I got halfway down the second page and even references to "buxom chamber-maids" couldn't hold my attention. The ramblings reminded me of the guy who Robbie Coltrane played on Blackadder, who invented the dictionary and was full of flowery prose and poetic licence, rather than getting to the point...... Samuel Johnson, wasn't it? Strange though that the insurance map key should define the range of goods supplied, using the term 'Manchester Warehouse', when other buildings are merely referred to as 'shop', 'dwelling', 'tenement' etc.? I wonder how many other 'M.W's' there are on these maps across Sheffield??? Surely this cannot be the only one? Victorian emporiums, stuffed with every kind of products were numerous (Cockaynes was contemporary of the period) and I would imagine there would be many similar businesses scattered all over the place?