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  1. 65 Westbourne Rd

    This is no.51....... close, but no cigar! No. on right hand gatepost.....
  2. Can you guess where this is?

    Hillsborough Corner?
  3. Looks a similar scene in 1938... Fitzalan Square 1938 - Picture Sheffield
  4. Silver Knife Identification

    Hallmark is Crown / Lion / q Several options, but 1908 maybe???
  5. Is/was there one above the roundabout at Tankersley? Opposite side of the road and just below the Tankersley Manor Hotel, on the A61, going up to Birdwell roundabout?
  6. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station - Then & Now

    “Now” being 20-30 years ago? Completely devoid of any buildings, or any infrastructure nowadays, with a quarter of a century of tree growth, right from Halifax Road bridge, all the way to Wesley Nicholls' yard.....
  7. Is this the building at 192 Shoreham Street? Link to 192 Shoreham Street Plenty of “Now” but sadly none of “Then”
  8. Handsworth Herbal Medicine Stores

    A.L. Simpkins of Sheffield. Supplier of confectionery to chemists across the city..... but not in 1938, obviously?! https://alsimpkin.com/our-history/ http://traditionalsweets.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=lollipop https://alsimpkin.com/?post_type=product&s=Nipits
  9. Handsworth Herbal Medicine Stores

    July 1938, when “All the best brands of cigs and sweets” (painted on the left of the shop front) and Coca-Cola were included in the Herbal medicine stores! Not sure you would see those in Holland & Barratt today? Equally odd, given next door is a sweet shop and tobacconist? Maybe the shopkeeper outside No.366 owns both businesses? Or maybe he is fighting back, by enticing customers to use his chocolate machine, by chalking on his shop front, just by the drain pipe..... “1d Cadbury’s choc in this doorway it’s ??? ...” http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;u08748&action=zoom&pos=2&id=106704&continueUrl= Great photos and lots of detail...
  10. Cause of Death

    The certificate shows two causes of death... Teething (Dentition): Teething infants sometimes suffered infections of the gums as the teeth erupted leading to pain and swelling. If the infection became systemic, it could lead to convulsions, diarrhoea and even death. Another explanation of teething as a cause of death is that infants were often weaned at the time of teething and may have encountered contaminated milk or food. In older people tooth decay and gum disease leading to abscesses could result in septicaemia. Josiah Wedgwood, the celebrated pottery manufacturer, died from a tooth infection. Tabes mesenterica: tubercular infection of the lymph glands in the abdomen. An illness of children caused by drinking milk from cows infected with tuberculosis
  11. The Wicker - early 1900’s

    It just had to be on PS...... http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s20784&pos=230&action=zoom&id=23281 .... which answers the question about the owner of the van?
  12. What was the premises ?

    White's Directory of Sheffield 1901 shows River Lane, with numbers and / or names of people and / or businesses. (bottom left and top centre columns) Court 4 gets a mention, but no details. Elsewhere on the page, other mentions of Courts, but again, no details. I doubt that in those days, individual addresses were always required? Also, probably the need to correctly route post and identify people with an exact address wasn't necessary? In the case of the census entry, just rounding up the people in 'Court 4’ would maybe have sufficed?
  13. What was the premises ?

    Sorry, I have no idea? However, as boginspro's extremely helpful Insurance Map of the period shows, Court Number (No.) 4 is the collective for the block, not any one dwelling - at least not annotated on this map? However, if the numbering protocol follows Mate's Square, you may have your answer???
  14. Member's total reputation

    Hovering your mouse over the heart you see under Hopman's post, a series of buttons appear Heart = Like = You like the post Upvote = Assume this adds one point to reputation? Sad / Confused / Haha / Thanks = self-explanatory? I may be wrong, in which case one of the Admin's or Site Owner may correct me?
  15. What was the premises ?

    No.4 Court, River Lane was actually a terrace of 18 dwellings (9 each side), which you can see on the attached map, in the centre. Map is dated 1890, so right on the money, in terms of period?! That probably explains the number of people with different names, all recorded at that address? The image is of Mate's Square, the next 'Court' to the left Picture Sheffield = River Lane The term 'Court' was used to describe a number of dwellings, around a central courtyard and were widespread across the city. As you can see, they were not exactly des' res' and were more accurately described as slums, which got the chop as they were cleared wholesale in the 50's and 60's.... Doesn't exactly answer your questions, but hope it gives you something to work with?