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  1. RLongden

    Random Picture Thread

    I’ll go with that, as I read the plate as ‘W’ reg’. The proliferation of mini-skirts, Lionel Blair’s and wide collars / lapels is more 70’s that 80’s. also the lack of cars of the late 70’s and early 80’s in the car park should have been a tell-tale? I Should’ve gone to SpecSavers! :)
  2. RLongden

    Random Picture Thread

    Haymarket footbridge, looking toward Fitzalan Square Arundel Gate, looking toward Crucilbe Theatre Union Steeet, looking over Arundel Gate to Cooper Bothers on Arundel Street (Sheffield ‘Wedding Cake’ Registry Office extreme left) Arundel Gate, looking toward Top Rank Sheffield Suite Left side of panoramic photo and... Right side, taken from top of East Bank Road, or maybe Daresbury View. The combined view is looking over Blackstock Road, Callow Road flats and Meersbrook allotments on hillside beyond (rows of greenhouses reflecting the light). The road stretching from the bottom left corner of photo 6 is Newfield Green Road, with Daresbury Road at the bottom and Gleadless Road curving away to the left if all the photos were taken in the same year, looking at vehicle registrations and the various buildings, construction in progress and demolition, my guess is no earlier than 1981 and no later than 1984....
  3. Actually make that three. I’m not happy with 7 now, as well as 3 and 12 I am scratching my head with......
  4. This has probably been done to death, many times over, but just for a bit of fun, how many can you get, straight off the bat??? 1 Mend everything 2 Knowledgeable timber 3 Often speed 4 Factory dwellings 5 Aristocrats home 6 Lofty shop 7 Meandering stream 8 The cake in the meadow 9 Religious village 10 Angry minister 11 Pine tree in the glen 12 Tattered rock 13 Church area 14 Where the sea sometimes ends 15 Coloured bogs 16 Shepherds use these 17 Question birth 18 Twisted colour 19 Entrance 20 County colour 21 Mine on the heath 22 Cheerful team 23 Timber dwelling 24 Neither up nor down There’s only two that I’m still puzzling over........
  5. RLongden

    Sheffield Transport Print.

    Looking at the link posted by ‘boginspro’, I did some further research and it’s clear that George Sidney Cooper was a huge talent in the world of transport art... In addition to the scene in this post, there are two other images of various buses and trams, operated by Sheffield Transportation, which are fabulous in their detail and reality... http://cooperline.com/gs_bus_details.asp?id=86 http://cooperline.com/gs_bus_details.asp?id=127 And here’s a link to the main page, about the man himself and an index to numerous other collections of images, all hugely impressive... http://cooperline.com/gs_index.asp
  6. RLongden

    Sheffield Transport Print.

    It’s not far off though and a great painting, capturing the movement and vibrancy of the city, as you say. Looking at photos of the vicinity and approximate date of the painting, it is quite true to detail, with the tramlines, road markings and buildings. Much better than I could ever hope to paint, given I am in no way endowed with any artistic talent whatsoever! Hats off to Mr / Ms G. S. Cooper!
  7. RLongden

    The Yorkshire Grey Pub

    It seems there was a military reference “Yorkshire Gray/Grey” too?...... https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1379006 ...last paragraph “Above the entrance bay, in a pedimented brick and stone aedicule, a bas relief of a mounted soldier in Yorkshire Gray uniform and with drawn sword, in the background a castle; carved by "Mr Plows" in 1878. INTERIOR: retains only cornices from late C19 interior.“
  8. RLongden

    Beer and steelworks

    ... it certainly was and “wrought” means “worked”. Pig iron was the source material from which it was “wrought”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrought_iron Until Bessemer’s conversion process in the 1850’s, wrought iron, blister steel and the cemention process were just a few of the mechanical (forge welding.... ‘bashing’) methods of increasing the carbon and alloy content of iron, resulting in a stronger and more versatile product. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bessemer_process I read somewhere that Sheffield used to import vast quantities of pig iron from Sweden, which used to come in via canal? If we’re splitting hairs, then “molten” means the metal is beyond its melting point and beating (sic) it would be a little difficult?! My copy/paste job was just trying to illustrate the links between steel making and drinking beer in the workplace....
  9. RLongden

    Beer and steelworks

    http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s09122&pos=43&action=zoom&id=12243 https://nowtmuchtosay.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/water-boy/ “Hawley’s grandfather was a teenager at the time and worked as a “bucket boy” in a Sheffield steelworks supplying thirsty steelworkers with their forty pint weekly beer allowance. It’s a scene that’s perhaps difficult to picture these days; a steelworker stripped to the waist in a sweltering factory bashing a lump of molten pig iron whilst supping ten pints.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stones_Brewery “Stones Bitter was brewed at the Cannon Brewery from 1948 and was popular with Sheffield's steel workers” http://www.historywebsite.co.uk/Museum/OtherTrades/SteelWorks/steelworks11.htm “Even after leaving the works he describes still feeling the blistering heat on his face and blinking from the blinding, searing light. The monstrous heat of up to 150 degrees in summer meant that some men lived on salt tablets and a furnaceman, reportedly, could drink twenty pints of beer in day”.
  10. RLongden


    I wonder how many apprentices were sent down t’stooers, frantically trying to memorise their requirements, including but not limited to: “a glass hammer, a left-handed screwdriver and some sparks for the grinding wheel” ?! Any more recollections?.....
  11. RLongden

    The Yorkshire Grey Pub

    It was the Minerva originally, then in the late 70’s became “Bar Rio” until maybe 83-84, when it changed hands again and became The Yorkshire Grey, until is closed and was demolished o/a 2006. tozzin, you are absolutely right in thinking the original pub emblem was something resembling a horse, as this shot from ‘84 shows the facade at that time. Oddly though, the animal looks more like a Roebuck than a horse, which was the name of the pub across the road? I’d be pretty certain the image is the animal of the Whitbread Brewery’s logo, made more credible if the Yorkshire Grey was a Whitbread house? Or, I wonder if the shopfitters had got the wrong address and by the time they had it all nailed on, it was too late? On the later photos from the 90’s, until it closed o/a 2006, it maintained the infantryman image. Bar Rio. That brought back memories of music so loud, you had to fight against it to get in the door. Plus, it seemed to attract a rather ‘eclectic’ mix of clientele, given it was a ‘fun pub’. What I do remember is that there was an almost guaranteed mass brawl every weekend, which spilled out into the surrounding car parks and was probably more entertaining as spectator, rather than combatant!?!
  12. RLongden

    Beighton School

    Beaver Hill School was actually at Ballifield / Handsworth, rather than Beighton and I’m proud to be one of the alumni... Beaver Hill had a wide catchment, from Attercliffe, all the way to Todwick, West end of Woodhouse, out to Catcliffe and Manor. Not sure why, given there were plenty of other feeder schools for these areas, but I remember many school friends travelling in daily....
  13. RLongden


    https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/dogs-dinner.html a frequently used source of info, odd (forgivable) spelling mistakes and all?...... Based in Sheffield..... well,well https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/full-monty.html
  14. RLongden

    Channing Hall, Surrey Street

    I remember Channing Hall in the early 80’s, when there always used to be a ‘Clearance Sale’ of electronic goods, lighters, watches, that kind of stuff, which had billboards that used to entice you off Fargate. WHAT A LOAD OF TAT IS WAS! I remember being suckered in several times and having a wander around, thinking “do they think we’re stupid or what”, before walking out, with my hard-earned still intact..... nice building though.....
  15. RLongden

    Beighton School

    Is that Reignhead, built in 1989, or Brookhouse, built probably more than 100 years prior? I’m guessing Brookhouse, as in the 60’s, Reignhead was farmland.....