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  1. Sheffield Playhouse

    I remember a Macbeth, 1949 or 50, school party - it was a set book.
  2. The First World War

    Lots of steelworks jobs were reserved so I think it would be. My dad was in a Firth Browns office in WWII deciding which kind of steel was required for the jobs as they came in, and he was reserved.
  3. Norfolk Hotel - what do you know about this place?

    There was a Norfolk Hotel at the junction of Handsworth Road and Finchwell street (which led down to Handsworth colliery) but it was a more substantial building with two big bay windows. If you search Picture Sheffield for trams, Handsworth you will find it, their reference number s16477. I think this was a rebuild on the site of your pictures because the wall and tree at the right seem to be the same. For a long time the Handsworth tram terminus was here.
  4. The Marples and high street in Sheffield City Centre

    The tram in the foreground, 264, still exists, at Beamish Museum in County Durham, restored to its original condition with open balconies on the top deck.
  5. Tunnels under Sheffield

    When I was at school in Handsworth in the 40s there was talk of a tunnel from the Cross Keys to the Manor, but I'm not convinced. It would have to go very steeply down hill and then climb again, and it is a long way. And you don't have to go across the road, or under it, to get from the Cross Keys to the church
  6. Tram Locations

    Definitely the Sheffield Wednesday siding in Parkside Road, the only location with the three wire overhead, and a coplicated set of trolley reversers, out of shot here.
  7. Sheffield Church photos

    Handsworth St. Mary, with the Cross Keys pub in the churchyard. Across the road is the car sales which was the Endowed School. I had lessons in there in 1940 when I first started school, we marched up from the main school in Fitzalan Road after assembly, carrying our gas masks.
  8. I have a picture taken from the opening day programme. My Mum and Dad were married there and I was baptised there.
  9. Dunford Bridge

    Dunford Bridge station was at the eastern portal of the Woodhead tunnels, the lne now closed of course. I don't know what the word is but a guess is 'probationary.' I can't think of a railway word that fits. Shunting was always dangerous, running alongside a moving wagon holding its brake down with a wooden tool - one trip and you can be under it.
  10. 1939 Register Lookup Request

    Will do Gordon
  11. Anybody have a FMP Subscription

    Yes, contact me on gdcrapper@gmail.com
  12. Sheffield Victoria Station

    A couple of pictures from 1962
  13. Vickers' Boys Welfare - Drake Team 1920-21

    Hi again. I have two more photos, for the preceding and following seasons. In the latter my dad Clifford was captain and Firth's were champions of the Raleigh League. I also have his medals, gold that year but two seasons later 1922-23 silver, runners up in the Drake League, so I wonder if Drake was a promotion from Raleigh. The inscription on the silver suggests they were the Sheffield and District Works Sports Association, which still has a website, but no longer seems to include football. All pictures attached. I wonder why they were named after Elizabethan sailors, and if there were any other divisions.
  14. Vickers' Boys Welfare - Drake Team 1920-21

    Interesting, my dad was in Firth's team, probably played against them! He is 3rd from left, back row. He was 14.
  15. Sheffield Trams

    madannie77 is correct about the point operation, but not about the overhead frog, which was changed by the trolley pole itself, engaging a dangling lever.