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  1. Gordon crapper

    Church Socials

    We had regular socials at Handsworth Methodist. The men of the church always put on a concert on New Year's Eve, great fun for us all.
  2. Gordon crapper

    Greyhound Stadium

    The Darnall one was at the top of Poole Road, which is off Prince of Wales Road just after the railway bridge. I never went dog racing but have been to a cricket match there, the club was Darnall Wellington I think. The match I went to was a benefit game, I think for the Derbyshire player George Pope, late 1940s
  3. There is a good article on Wikipedia about air raid shelters, with pictures: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_raid_shelter#Anderson_shelter
  4. The Anderson shelter was the normal domestic one, corrugated steel with an arched shape, buried about 6 feet but with the top showing. I slept through the blitz in ours!
  5. Gordon crapper

    510 and 513

    I read somewhere that EATM were blaming 513's long wheelbase for damaging their track, but I don't buy it there were plenty of sharp corners in Sheffield.
  6. Gordon crapper

    510 and 513

    Before 513 went to Lowestoft she was in Blackpool. Here she is on 24 Sep 2010, a great ride from Pleasure Beach to Bispham and back.
  7. Gordon crapper

    A trip to Crich.

    I don't think it is black, this is the other side, I should have posted it with the other.
  8. Gordon crapper

    A trip to Crich.

    This is a Crookes one, courtesy Tom Robinson, Sheffield Transport Study Group
  9. I think it is Savile Street. My dad used to work in the long building, Firth Brown's offices. I have visited him there, the entrance was in the archway in the middle.
  10. I'm a member of the Sheffield Transport Study Group, lots of interesting bus articles in their journal.
  11. It could possibly have been on the Gainsborough route, but I have a vague feeling that I saw it coming up Laverack Street from the Richmond direction. However an 82 year old's memories are not that reliable! Thanks for the post, very interesting.
  12. I remember seeing it a few times in Handsworth, probably on the Dinnington via Kiveton Park-can't remember the route number. Always wondered why there were no others.
  13. Gordon crapper

    Where was the Sheffield Fish Market?

    The picture was taken after 1927 when the Standard trams were introduced, but Burton's was on that corner before the war, so it must be around 1930. I don't remember this building, but then I only remember Burton's after the blitz.
  14. Gordon crapper

    Wicker Arches Bomb Damage

    I have no photographs, but I remember a big concrete patch on the underside of the arch on the left hand side in this picture.
  15. Thank you so much for putting the photo of Attercliffe Methodist Church on line last year and sorry I have not been online recently.


    It is the only photo I have seen which is how I remember it. Much appreciated.


    1. Gordon crapper

      Gordon crapper

      Thanks Dorothy, you are welcome.