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  1. Didnt they take him to Hammerton Road in Hillsborough after his arrest?
  2. Where is this place Directions anyone? I know the Loxley Road/ Long Lane area well or at least i thought i did
  3. I went a few times, i was only 14 at the time nice little club, i got my first town dance with a lass in there even though i looked terrible, she wasnt half bad either
  4. I remember it well I remember being disgusted at the faunarium full of locusts Has the city centre even got a pet shop now??/
  5. Hodge was always in as was that idiot naz Shame , i really liked the place
  6. Great pub with loads of mean looking people but they were all really friendly a good atmosphere, decent music but dire beer so we drank newky browns a relaxed pub, there arent any in town really now casbah is crap
  7. Is it me or was there more to do back then than there is now with twice as many people?
  8. I went a few times on the weekend but we used to go on a Wednesday to the student night The que was always miles long and it was rammed inside, huge dancefloor and the whole place seemed MASSIVE, dead easy to pull aswell.
  9. I went last year and ive never seen so many kids in one place It was rammed, take that black and white pic and times the number of people by 20 or more good to see its still used
  10. Sheffield is going through major changes but im not convinced its for the best, all these poorly build buildings may end up looking shabby in a few years, they sure wont last hundreds of years like some of the classic buildings in town. I hope we dont lose whats great about the city while we try and compete with other cities
  11. Yep, another nice man who knows where he is from
  12. Capstick was a nutter by all accounts but in a nice way I cant post some of the storys ive heard unfortunatly
  13. My nan nearly kicked his ass once My grandads best mate was also Bombers best mate Eric Thorpe, a nice bloke who Bomber was with quite alot, i think they were related somehow. Anyway bomber had a lucky escape that day, he was quick but not that quick :D
  14. Easy A full picture set of redgates in around 1986, i think id start crying if i saw them