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  1. Thankyou. My great grandfather's work is fantastic.
  2. Also notice, that we are called Fairbank, not " Fairbanks", that also been carried down since I was born. Thank you HughW.
  3. Thank you. Yes, it seems to confirm the family legend that we were descendents of William De Beaumont. It does seem to make sense. I would like to find out, the reason as to why his descendants came to Australia. Also another of my ancestors, Josiah Forster, the secretary to Ireland in the 1890's which a song was written about, we are related to the Forster's and the Carrbutts, as well as the Fisher's and the Meadow's. I do so appreciate the help from our Sheffield friends. I look forward to visiting Sheffield and see the areas where my ancestors worked and lived. Sheffield people are bloody bonza ! Cheers cobbers !
  4. Really liking this website !

  5. Yes that is the one. That is my great great grandmother, as I have seen correspondence from the above mentioned names. Plus we have a family box of paperwork and photo graphs and other assorted historical items. My father does anyway. Though we are estranged. Frederick royston was a professor, had written a couple of books, one on the Earl of Warick, and some archaeological digs in either Devon or Cornwall. My Great grandfather was a navel pilot, as was his brother, who had served in the boxer rebellion in 1900. is that helpful ?
  6. Does anyone know much about Frederick Royston Fairbank? my great great grand father and why the family moved down to Barnestaple? Was there a family rift ? and why my great grand father came to Australia, and his brother ? Cheers.
  7. Yes I understand that. As I am a genealogist. It has come down through our family had derived as the poopydoo son of William De Beaumont. Translated into French, Fairbank means Beaumont. My great Mother had mentioned it many times.
  8. A great read. Nice to find out what my ancestors have achieved. To find out my ancestors go back such a long way. Would like to know, where the name originated from, and if we were from the Beaumonts.