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  1. I used to use the Bridge when I worked at Sheffielfd Forgemasters. I think the landlord was George. Great Landlord. Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17 fame drank there sometimes
  2. Hi,


    I saw your post about the Wordsworth Tavern and I am also looking for a picture of it for my book. Do you have a picture of your mum from when she was the landlady there? If so I may be able to use it in the book. Also I see she was at the kelvin grove- I assume after 1956 as I have the name Charley Beach as the landlord. 


    Would be good to hear from you so I can include any info in my upcoming book




    1. allowls


      Hi Jamie,

      Im sorry I dont have pictures of my mum and dad at either the Wordsworth Tavern or Kelvin Grove Hotel. It is a shame as we would have liked on for the family tree.They were at the Kelvin for 2 years, leaving in 1963, they then left the Wordsworth in November 1966.



  3. My parents were licensees during the 1950's. They told us about the Mooney Gang connection
  4. In 1974 I was taken to my 1st indian restaurant (if it could be called that), it was the Islamabad on Attercliffe road, opposite the police station. The tables were covered with gingham cloth and the food served in white bowls, no cutlery just chapatis and your fingers. What a shock for a 16yr old. Absolutely loved it and had many meals there over the years before it closed.
  5. Does anyone remember Gangsters and the laser light show?
  6. Thanks Lyn 1 but these are of the present day Wordsworth. The old one I am looking for was demolished when this one was built in 1966. As a footnote my Mum Thelma Redfern who was the Landlady when it closed died on the 7th Jan 2016 aged 83.
  7. The first landlord at the old tavern I can remember was Bernard Waddams, the other one I can recall was Harold Robinson later to became steward at Colleyclub .M


  8. My parents Ray & Thelma Redfern were Landlord and Landlady from !963 to 1966 when the old single storey pub closed
  9. My Parents Ray and Thelma Redfern were Landlord and Landlady of the Kelvin for a couple of years. They left in about 1963.
  10. Has anyone a decent photo of the original single storey pub
  11. Has anyone a good picture of this pub
  12. The original single storey Wordsworth was demolished in 1966 to make way for the new Wordsworth in the photograph. My parents Raymond & Thelma Redfern were licensees from 1962 to 1966.