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  1. HRHartley


    ahhh thanks
  2. Watched it too.....was very interestin
  3. HRHartley


    Wonder if Eliza and John Easterbrook are related!
  4. Oh the happy days I had growing up there. Would love to know its full history!
  5. I am wanting to know the history of the house I grew up in before moving to where I am now. From being built to residents up to 1980....who they were and what they did etc. How do I do this?
  6. HRHartley


    Florence parkins maternal grandfather is William slack 1823-1873.
  7. HRHartley


    obv is obviously....I am getting down with the kids hehe
  8. HRHartley


    scrub that I was looking at his mum
  9. HRHartley


    Florence died in 1947 making the remarriage plausible!
  10. HRHartley


    Also there is the surname Slack......from Sheffield Obv....at one point they lived at 88 Bramall Lane.
  11. HRHartley


    Hi, I am just researching My Uncle Harry Thorpes line. I have some information from him, as much as he can possibly know, but its getting more about and beyond his grand parents. His dad was Ralph 1908 to 1991 and his mum Gladys Smith 1905 to 1979. I have nothing more on Gladys Smith. Ralphs dad was called Harry and his mum Florence Parkin. If anyone is related to or can help let me know
  12. HRHartley

    Chapman And Davidson

    Right I have this generation sorted now Im struggling with the previous one ....these Davidsons have something to answer for
  13. HRHartley

    Ww1 Cammell Laird

    Thanks....not used to the full runnings of the page yet! Just great to have these original docs.
  14. HRHartley

    Poulson/laybourn - Help Needed

    Thats her She took her time to get married didnt she.
  15. HRHartley

    What school did you go to ?

    I went to Beighton Infants 1985 to 1989, Reignhead from 1989 to 1991, and Westfield School 1991 to 1996. Beighton Infants is still there and still a grand old building. For life of me cant remember the head teachers name but she was a proper old bird back then! Westfield is now no more on the site I went to, just old foundations. Moved to beighton/sothall now!