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  1. The hospital boiler house was on the opposite corner, the stoker used charge the furnace then slide across the road for a quick 'un.
  2. The tall walls outside the Peace Gardens

    I too thought they added a touch of class and was somewhat disappointed when they were removed. I was reassured at the time by reading that they were carefully dismantled to be placed in storage, refurbished as required and reused. Over the years I have looked in vain for their reappearance. LS
  3. Diseases in 1920's

    Thanks for the update. The tenner was well spent. It seems we/you now have the truth of it. I still find it a little odd that TB patients would be treated at the same hospital as patients with puerperal sepsis as I guess both sets of patients would be somewhat immunocompromised with a good chance of cross infection, I suppose the state of knowledge at that time....... Interesting thread, thanks. Lou
  4. Diseases in 1920's

    Edmund, thanks so much for your detailed information. I guess the differential diagnosis makes all the difference. I was somewhat pixie led at first by the TB reference and my misreading earlier posts to think the year referred to was 1920. I was trying to work out where "Meadowhead" hospital was. I had considered Norton hospital but the TB reference seemed to rule it out making Dronfield the preferred option. Sorry about the tenner but inquiring minds need to know......... Related to this you may be interested in one of my heroes, Ignaz Semmelweis, who had an interesting life and sad death. Lou
  5. Diseases in 1920's

    This would appear to be it. Somewhat sparse on detail but it’s all I can find. Looks to be well out of date & the link to Derbyshire Record Office doesn’t work. Pre 1948 isolation & mental hospital but no indication of when it was built/opened. http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/hospitalrecords/details.asp?id=1094 It would have been a short walk from Meadowhead, down the road towards Chesterfield then a cut across the fields. It's now a private nursing home, Brookview, Holmley Lane, £600 - £900 per week.
  6. Diseases in 1920's

    Thanks for the prompt reply, I'll look forward to more info in due course. lou
  7. Diseases in 1920's

    As a matter of interest, where was the TB hospital at Meadowhead situated? I've checked with some of my more knowledgeable (well, I thought they were!) local history buffs and come up blank. Lou
  8. motor cycle shops in the past in sheffield and near.

    Horridge & Wildgoose - Ecclesall Rd. (I think) Leather & Simpson - can't remember where. Dan Bradbury - London Rd (I think) Wasn't there also Roper's - not sure about that one. Two old guys on Scott Rd selling second hand parts. No use going there in the cricket season as they were 'busy'. Didn't Gray's price their machines in Guineas? All memories from the late 50's - early 60's. Lou
  9. Rowlinson Technical School

    I heard yesterday that the Rowlinson site is to become a shopping mall/retail outlet. Regret I have no further information/details.
  10. The Magic Roundabout - Brook Hill

    I was working between the Royal Infirmary and Hallamshire (or was it still New Teaching) Hospitals at the time so used this island quite often. I found it good to use but that may just have been familiarity, as others have said to come across it for the first time must have been daunting. I never saw any "comings together". I too remember the monitoring bus parked in the middle I was told that police mobile patrols had been instructed/advised to avoid it though this may just have been a popular rumour. LS
  11. Howard Hotel, Howard Street

    The Royal Hospital was 20063
  12. Rowlinson Technical School

    Thanks for the update, Stuart. 'Fraid I don't do Facebook so shall continue to use my imagination. LS
  13. Rowlinson Technical School

    Hi, I kept my old school cap for years but in the way of these things it has 'disappeared'. The school magazine of the time was called The Wise Owl and showed the badge on the front. Shield shaped, top left an owl, top right a five point star with three sheaves of corn below. I still have copies of The Wise Owl from 1957 and 1958 which are not in colour and I can't now remember the badge colour. I'm afraid I've no idea of the origins of the design. LS
  14. Rowlinson Technical School

    Hi All, Only recently found this site. I was a Rowlinson pupil from 1956 to '61 and like others here never see or hear from my school pals of that time. Strangely, as we must have used first names and nicknames at that time all I can remember now are a very few surnames. Can't say I particularly enjoyed my time there but in later years came to realise what a good education I actually had. The school building and road system around seems to have changed markedly but I've never been back to check out the interior. There is now though the long missing swimming pool. Remember the old "Wise, Bright and Corny" school badge? Cheers LS