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  1. Quick update for you folks. I've continued to chip away at the corner (lower-left on this new image). Still no sign of a gap, nor "hole" - but I'll keep going! (a few inches down / in now). Also.. as another tactic, I've started clearing away more of the grass / earth (see top left section of this picture). This is (now) roughly where the concrete seems to end. The picture still does show the "mound" nature of this (though it is fairly subtle) - with that rectangular section higher up than the rest, which is the "mount" bit (the rectangular area being flat). I'll keep chipping away and update accordingly! Next part (weekend coming) will be to find the outer edge of the concrete are all the way around (continuing from top-left corner). John.
  2. Hi there. Oh, worry not - I don't intend to give on this mystery any time soon! - the problem will be time, as obviously I can only look into this at weekends - and only occasional ones at that. Here are a couple of bang up to date images - make sure you read my accompanying updated notes too: 1. I've temporarily moved the bird bath + square (small) paving slab we've had on top (as neither were attached). 2. Unfortunately ZERO sign of any markings underneath - i.e. NO indication of a plaque / notice having been removed etc. 3. Ignore the smaller square "border" - that's simply where the small paving slab was - i.e. debris etc. from around the edges. 4. Likewise, ignore the apparent sign of metal in the middle area. This is also just debris (twigs etc.). 5. This doesn't give a true impression of the raised nature of the rectangular central area. It's a fair few inches. 6. NO sign of any other potential entrances / exits (sadly!) John.
  3. PS if it is like this the layer of concrete (middle) is at least 4 inches thick - as there is an area where I can see it looks like a former resident has "had a go" - at chipping away / down on one section. They must have given up though as with 3-4 inches in, no sign of anything different.. just more concrete! There's every chance it is ALL filled in - but that would be odd too. A real mystery..
  4. Hi - thanks for this too (both respondents). The odd thing with what we have is that there is ZERO sign any any seam or join at all. The (now removed) corroded metal rim (hollow metal poles) came away, but underneath nothing more than the "groove" / impression where that metal had been. No seam.. not joins.. and certainly no gaps. Very strange. I've been chipping away at one corner (when time permits..) - and will continue to do so. About 1 inch down / in so far (into that corner) and still no sign of any such joins or gap (there). I'll keep you all posted! John
  5. Interesting! I doubt that'll be what we've got.. but you never know!
  6. No worries! If I do decide to go down that route I'll be sure to be careful
  7. Good idea re: masonary bit (though a slight risk I suppose.. not knowing WHAT is under there..!) - I'll be sure to keep all informed. At the moment I'm occasionally chipping away at that single corner (as keen to keep costs down so not hiring any special heavy duty gear and using what I've got). I do have a decent drill though so could well give your suggestion a try sometime too. Thanks for that.
  8. Interesting. I'll take a look at this / for this next time I move the bird bath! Thanks for the hint / tip.
  9. *further bit of info. I has been a while since I've bothered moving the bird bath etc. off the area, but from memory when you jump on it / stamp on it, it does NOT in any way feel "hollow" underneath. So that's a little disappointing - from the angle of hoping this *could* have something underneath / inside..! With my positive head on I dream of WW2 hidden riches... or maybe the Ark of the Covenant is down there... but sadly I fear the reality may well be considerably more mundane! John
  10. Interesting! I'd wondered about that too. However, there is no sign (at all) of any plaque or similar on there (indicating what it is / was for). Was the one you mentioned similarly "blank" / nameless? Thanks for the replies.
  11. Thanks for this Gordon. Do you happen to know if the underground ones had a particular name? Or was "Anderson Shelter" the collective term for all such things - under or overground. I've also heard of "Morrison" shelters, but not sure how or where they fit into this! -John.
  12. PS here's a more recently image showing the metal edging removed + one of the (hollow) corner "posts". There is no sign of an obvious join / gap at ANY point all the way round - and yet the rectangular area (see preceding picture) IS flat (compared to the "mound" below) - and also gives the impression of being a "lid" section / piece... which is odd.
  13. OK... here's a picture of the entire area. NOTE: The square smaller slab and bird bath are NOT attached (we've added those ourselves, to try and brighten it up a bit!). The concrete (larger) area is a mound, of sorts - in that it is raised / domed slightly from the ground. Also... tempting as it looks, that corroded metal edging turned up to be something of a tease - as although it *looks* like the edge of a hatch / door / lid, having now removed it there are no signs of gaps / joins (though I still suspect there will be, somewhere in there..). Since this picture was taken I've prised away the metal - no joy there - but the 4 corner "posts" remain in the ground (these are hollow and I can get a screwdriver / stick approx 4 inches into them). I can provide close up pictures if the interest is there. Based on this image + description do people agree that this is most likely *some* kind of shelter...? John
  14. Thanks for the replies so far. I'll be adding a picture shortly.. stay tuned!
  15. *BELATED* big thanks to all on this one. I don't think I'd turned on notifications - and then promptly forgot I'd posted this! Great work by all involved - this is clearly the building in question, and a cracker at that! Cheers, John