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  1. Don't remember those names but there were the Hayes brothers, the McCurdys, the Veach family and someone we used to call Merv the swerve.
  2. I remember him in the Harlequin cafe on Crookes wearing an auzzie style hat with corks around it. He was with a couple of the Grease band on the next table to me. At some stage he leaned over to me with a piece of bread or toast and dipped it into my fried egg. He was wild in those days!!!
  3. Now I don't remember the name Sanderson but knew a few Ians and remember going to the chippy a number of times.
  4. . Know what you mean. People in that area at the time didn't stand for anyone messing them around but were genuine and loyal. I had forgotten about the Bath and think you were 4/5 years in front of me visiting the areas pubs but you never know we could have met at some stage.
  5. Not the Royal Oak but did play for the Rose at some stage. Mainly went in the Royal Hotel and was part of snooker team there. What great characters they were I was fascinated by some of their stories and antics. So generous as well and if anyone was short of a bob they would make sure a few drinks came their way. The landlord "jack" was an ex boxer and at weekends he would put on sandwiches and his sons would play guitar and drums for a very early form of karaoke. Really do smile everytime I think of those times. Did you get into the Royal Hotel?
  6. If I remember rightly in the 70s this was the only nightclub to open Sunday night and then only until 11:30
  7. I Think that is what it was called. It was directly opposite the bottom Freedom (aka Freedom View). It was basically a beer off with a front room with a few chairs and an open fire. You ordered your pint and it was pulled in the shop. Real good crowd around that area at the time. I remember going there around the early seventies. People did the rounds of the Rose house, top Freedom, Blake, Royal House, Florist, bottom Freedom, Royal Oak and I think another pub called something like Carr house.
  8. I lived near this pub for a long while. I was told by the landlord of the Hallamshire pub opposite that the name came from a reference to places working with full union membership only so a closed shop to anyone who didn't want to join the union. The employers supported this set-up in many workplaces. Strangely though the "Closed Shop" pub did close for a number of years but this was apparently due to some legal/licencing issues and was named before it's closure. We normally went into the Hallamshire for the "Wards" and snooker but were always welcomed in the Closed Shop which had many people of Irish descent amongst the customers. I'm sure the Star did a piece about the Closed Shop being closed at some stage. Also told The Hallamshire once had a famous football player as the landlord in Ellis Rimmer of SWFC cup winning fame.
  9. When it was announced that it was to close loads of people arranged descend on the Bucc to have one final wild time. The date was getting close and anticipation high. Me and a few mates decided to go there a few days before the closure date only for it to be announced it was to close that night probably due to worries regarding the number of people who may try to get in on the closure date. At the end of the night we said our goodbyes and helped ourselves to a keepsake or two like ashtrays, beermats or posters. Wondered around a while then went for the whistle bus home but as we came up the escalator onto High Street about 6 policemen brushed past me and arrested 3 of my mates for theft (they weren't trying to conceal anything). They were release with a caution at West Bar. Real shame we used to love going there even though it could take an age to get a drink.
  10. Next time I am in Sheffield I will pop round for a look. Probably won't know where I am it has changed so much. Thanks HD for the info.
  11. Strange looking at that thread from 4 years ago this was written hilldweller Sheffield History Pro Sheffield History Member 1,501 posts Gender:Male Location:Lodge Moor in the Clouds Interests:Local History. Exploring the countryside in my chariot (at 4 mph) Exploring the countryside in my other chariot (at 30 to 70 mph) All things technical. D.I.Y. Dressing in the "Compo Simmonite" designer range of clothes. Posted 02 August 2010 - 12:17 PM 'vox', on 30 Jul 2010 - 11:43 AM, said: I used to live just up the road from Crookesmoor House from Sept. 1973 onwards and remember it being demolished. They had to take the wall down on the corner of Conduit Road and Crookesmoor Road to rebuild it and when they removed the soil behind it they discovered a long buried set of steps on the corner which they re-furbished and put the doorway in to allow them to be used again. HD BUT It was already demolished when I used to go into the grounds 7/8 years earlier so perhaps the poster meant the groundworks being done.
  12. I imagined it was something special. The entrances were blocked and we used to scale the wall from Conduit. Spend all day in there getting up to all kinds of mischief. Sometimes we would take tennis equipment and play on the courts at the top of Northumberland only very occasionally moved on by the parkie. Think the tennis courts are now a car park -- shame
  13. What was Crookesmoor House? It is shown a the bottom of Conduit Road on the map. I remember playing in the grounds early 60s but there were no buildings. You could see that it was quite grand at some stage by the overgrown gardens and demolition rubble.
  14. Knew the building well as worked for PO. At the back it housed the central delivery office and stores. Upstairs there was a maze of corridors which changed levels with some MASSIVE rooms which used to house the telephonists from the old GPO. Some rooms were very plush in their day and at the far end there was a large snooker room. There were lifts but I preferred the winding staircases with oak balustrades. Also been told today that Sheffield University is going to redevelop the former staff club (think later called the University Arms) on Western Bank. Another interesting building going and one I had my wedding reception in as Vox will remember.
  15. Don't remember it (there's a surprise) but in 1977 got married and went to work at RM. Would have enjoyed it though as people don't seem to realise what an influence Stevie Marriott was, and what energy on stage. Radio Hallam seemed to play lots of his music.