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  2. Oakwood Collegiate School
  3. Hi, just been copied into this link by my brother. He, I and my sister Kit all went to Oakwood at various times in the 60s. such familiar names! I remember Mrs White - such a comforting presence in the Infants at Devon Road (my sister and I visited there a couple of years ago and it still looked much the same. And then Mrs Cope, Mrs Swift, Mrs Fretwell and I think there was a Mr Fuchs in my last couple of years. I think it is Mrs Fretwell's voice I still hear in my mind to this day saying in an exasperated tone "It's F R I E N D and I'll fry your end if you don't get it right" And yes, several trips to Stratford leaving from outside Coles. And the Nativity play which I think took place in a community hall further down the valley. Names of contemporaries are few - John Higginbotham and Jeremy Chitty come to mind plus a Michael although Michal who I can't remember The other memory is small bottle of milk having been warmed on the radiators in the winter and tasting DISGUSTING I have a photo, is it possible to post photos?