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  1. Just an update to my collection of Thryft House pictures etc etc = Link here
  2. I just popped back into here to wonder if any of the pics etc I made public have been of use / interest to anyone ?
  3. OK, here we go, a link to everything I have re Thryft House. = https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rozcq0xhsfxaw2i/AACPDlJIXnSOseHewHYLvYeJa Note = it is best to download these to your computer rather than view them via the Dropbox viewer ;) Oh, and the kids in the "Family Shots" are my brother and I Also, in the "General house and garden shots 1960's" note in the first, rather fuzzy picture, the bell. This was used to call in the workers for mealtimes. Later my Mum used to use it to call us kids in from the fields for either meals, or bedtime. The last time I visited the house, the bell had gone Enjoy John Birkett
  4. Not sure about the provenance of the tree. I usually go back at least once a year but I have to say, I have not been back for around two years at present. It was certainly still there last time I went "home". (I live in N. Shropshire now in a small village named Malpas). ukelele lady (admin) may want to go through all the other pics, newspaper cuttings and other writings to archive / publish some of it, or I could just post the link (to Dropbox) here for all to use. No doubt she will let me know. John Birkett
  5. I have a whole load of stuff. Lots of photos of the buildings, plus lots of family photos on the tennis court etc. Plus my mothers wrtings done in the early 60's about life at Thryft House. Then there are newspaper articles about the sale of the house and about the historic Ewe tree in the garden etc etc. We used to hold big parties at Bonfire night and at Christamas, where many of the Bents Green village residents would attend. Here is just a "taster" in the form of a link to some of them in my Dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rozcq0xhsfxaw2i/AACPkJ8d4TzrBDgs3en_HMApa/General%20house%20and%20garden%20shots%201960%27s If you wish, I can send you, via PM, a link to all of it and you can sift through and post here anything from it you wish. Regards to all, John Birkett
  6. Oh, by the way, it's Thryft House not Thrift House
  7. Just popped in to say that our family lived in Thryft House from about 1956 to 1965. If anyone is still monitoring this page I have lots of pics and interesting stories of life there and then. John Birkett