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  1. My mum also worked there over the Paulden’s/Debenhams change and up to about 1985. May Wood, worked latterly in the lingerie dept.
  2. I think this shop was an independent sports shop - Jack Archer (??) comes to mind, but this might be wrong. The guy that ran it was great at getting screw-in studs out when you’d worn them flat!!!
  3. stevie splash is indeed steve evans, he played tennis for hillsboro tennis club till it closed. Plays for Brentwood these days.
  4. ahh, the "overtures" one was the very first, i think, so maybe i pre-dated you a bit! 'SCUSE THE DELAY, MAN-FLU!
  5. it would need to have been when i was playing!
  6. I don't think so, PT - I only remember the two summer events reasonably clearly - the first at the Merlin Theatre, Nether Egde. the first was called "overtures", and was a series of sketches on the interpretation of that word. I played a guy getting ready for a sauna, and opening the door to the steam room, dropping the towel and finding myself in a chip shop. Well, it got a laugh then.......... the second in the crucible studio, was based in the future, when the theory was the world was going to get colder (and i think some yoof "resigned" from the production partly because they thought that that premise was spurious.......... spooky!). I think it was in two halves - and i remember opening whichever half I was in with the far more talented Shaun (became shaun d'elier (!) in a fledgling recording artiste in another life - don't know how that went!) as two petty thieves (or freedom fighters, or something tribal) who'd secreted themselves inside a building, slept until all was clear, and then awoke to start thieving! There were some great songs (or they seemed it at the time!) written by a guy called chris.......................and beyond that the memory is truly fading! oh, hang on - "Once A Catholic" was in the main theatre, and we shared the green room with the proper actors! oh, hang on #2 - there was another event - two plays, at the merlin again, so probably the second in my personal trilogy - the bit i was in was called "what's going on here" and was about a girl under pressure to have "relations" with her boyfriend. it ended with us all around her, whispering "frigid, frigid" then building to a crescenndo of "FRIGID, FRIGID, FRIGID". charming, eh?! quite powerful, at the time! i remember doing research at Park Hill (hyde park?) Flats, where (i) i picked up on the graffitti in the playground that named the piece (although the original said "Jesus christ, what the hell is going on here" - meg kinda backed away from the uncensored version!) and (ii) i fell into infatuation with the girl i went there with - she was older, more sophisticated (or so i thought!) and had a boyfriend who looked about 30! So were you in any of those, and does this need it's own thread?!! happy times!
  7. ah, PT, i think the walkley adventure was the second (or maybe third) summer event, if memory serves me correctly. and, to be fair, it might not! Where IS meg jepson when you need her?!
  8. would just like to add that above the wilson & peck shop there were rooms that were hired out by piano teachers - i used to visit on saturday mornings when i was young (8-10), then off to hillsboro for the match!
  9. crikey, I used to be in that cub group - 118th Sheffield St. Mary's, I think - maybe a year or two later - certainly recognise shaun's face if not name. there were two brothers in it too - Cooper ring a bell? think they lived on lancing road, maybe? and there was a tall, ginger haired kid who lived on Edmund Road, I think? i remember making a kite at his house in the shape of a fish, that we showed at a jamboree somewhere (Clumber?). think we called it (with outstanding imagination) a japanese kite-fish. the young lad in the middle of the right-hand three looks familiar, too. I (think) I remember akela used to turn up on an old bike, and we used to wait near the church for her, or play footie in between the cub hut and the adjacent building. we used to play footie against other cub teams, and our shirts were green, short sleved and made of a wool-like material with v-necks!
  10. As an aside, I seem to remember the first Sheffield Youth Theatre group activities being done htere - about 1977ish??