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  1. We believe we have the only pre-war Guy Vixen still in existence, please tell me if you know of another, this is a 1938 and will be seen at all the local rally's
  2. We also have a pre war guy vixen 1938 only one still running
  3. Hi All Who would like to see the 45th scale model of the Shinny Sheff, (12.6 ft long) this Saturday it will be delivered to our Depot Specialised Movers and we will be the proud owners to display her with the Type 22 frigate F96 built to replace the Sheffield tragicly sank in the Falkland, I have bought these 2 ships over the last 3 years and the commissioning model builder take up to 18 months to build one they are stunning give me a call 07801134191
  4. Hi All If anyone is interested, Specialised mover have bought the commissioning model hand built to comemorate the building of the type 42 frigate, It has been retuned home from a long stay in Glasgow, the model builder delivered it to our office on Friday and after a long chat he has agreed to build us the Shinny Sheff WW2 Battle ship and the ship sank in the Falklands, the 2 frigates are 6 ft long and outstanding and the battleship will be 11ft long it is believed it will be the only collection to be able to display all3 ships together, But at present we only have the last Sheffield and the project for the build of the other 2 could take 9 months But it's Specialised Movers intention to offer these for display in prominent building in Sheffield in honour of the seamen and sailors who lost there life throughout all conflicts and especially in the Falklands Any further information contact Nigel Shaw the owner of Specialised Movers 07801134191 or if you want some pictures email and I will return nigel@specialisedmovers.com