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  1. My brother went to Hurlfield Boys until mid/late 60’s Gary  Cammack. I cant remember all names of his mates but I went to Hurlfield Girls  and left in 1966, Gill Cammack  so I remember names from my years at Arbourthorne Central such as John Wigfull and Roger Mercer. Can also remember a David ‘S’ not sure of surname. 

  2. Hi Jen13

    I was at Arbourthorne Central the same time as you. I also have a dictionary from Mr Smith and remember he gave four of us one on our last day. Remember us all being really upset that we were leaving so he told us all to have a walk around the school field. There was you, me, Angela Kirkland (I think) not certain on the other girl. Happy, happy days.

    I recognised you straight away from the May Day photo. I wasn't on the photo but do have a May Day one with me on it. My name then was Gill Cammack