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  1. Did I mention a can of worms ??!! Amazing response gentlemen ...thankyou and Cheers !! . Firstly thanks for Charles Edward's address ...been many times but had forgotten the number ..not dementia just forgot it !! If you know anything else of him or his family would be very pleased to hear from you . Now to James ....I can't believe the fantastic "stuff "you've come up with ! The bar maid story ..I love it . and the carving above the doorway ...well ?? could it have been a Hare ? Was it part of the Star Inn ? a boarding house ? I would so love to think my James was the publican , don't we all want one !! and having been one myself here in Western Australia ....well thought it may be in the blood !!! But ...same name , almost same address, .......but ......do any of you know anything of "The Swan " James Parker ? He fits ..but I don't want to get carried away with , dare I say , the romance of it all . Did this James come from Disley ? The Parkers there bred like rabbits ( hares ? ) ....there is another Parker in the same census , Thomas , but my books are very clearly signed James Parker . I know I'm rabbiting ( !!!???) on ...but as I said ..I so Want this to fit ...but... Re the books ...was there some sort of Political group which sprang up in Sheffield at that time....have any of you heard of this at all ? It rings a bell in my head ...but has been silenced by the noise of the bats which live there too !! Big thanks again for the Great Info ....Hope there's more to come ???? Greetings to one and all ,..... Jintie
  2. This wasn't meant to be easy !! But here goes ...I have volumes 1 and 2 of.... ..."Political, Historical and Analytical ARGUMENTS , Proving the Necessity of a PARLIAMENTARY REFORM etc etc ..1825. James has signed them with his address, , Hare Inn , Gibraltar St., Sheffield. There is also .....Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge ..... "the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ..dated 1818 , also signed , but , in 1837 These books are in amazing condition considering their age and the miles they have travelled in the 200 years. James Parker was my G/G/Grandfather..........but who knows I could be wrong , there were so many Parkers ...but he fits in with the information I have ....came from Disley Cheshire. I've dug around and cannot find any "Hare Inn "...lots of Hare and Hounds , but no Hare and especially in Gibraltar Str., Have any of you heard anything of it at all ?? " The "Starr Inn "is interesting and in Gibraltar Str. !! !! Was there another Pub ? Was the word Starr hand written and was misread ? Do you know anything about this "Starr Inn "? Unfortunately there is no number in the address in my book. James' G/Son was Charles Edward Parker , who , in the 20/30's was a director of T.W.Wards. I have a note from T.W. and there is a picture of all the directors ( somewhere ?? in amongst all of my "stuff" ) It's just great to get your replies ...this site fascinates me !! as I went to, and stayed in Sheffield so many times . It has opened a can of memories ....and Questions too !!!! But ...those for another forum !! Would love to hear more from you.... if you find anything else or can add anything.... Greetings Jintie
  3. Chasing Charles Edward Parker , director of T.W.Wards in 1920/30's Lived in Woodseats . I have a picture of them together ( T.W. and my G/Father ) and a note from him . Also James Parker who live at the Hare Inn , Gibraltar Str. Was he the Publican or just lived there with his family This is in the 1820/30's . I have some of his books ..Political Reform etc. Would love to hear from anyone ...this is such an interesting forum !! Jintie
  4. Post your questions on the forum please.

  5. Hope this works !! First attempt at this ..here goes ... I'm trying to find a place ( pub?) called the Hare in Gibraltar str/Lane in the 1820/30's I have a James Parker who lived there and is listed as the publican. I have some of his books relating to the Sheffield Constitutional Society. Does anyone out there know anything about either him , or the Society...would be so happy to hear anything, from anyone !! Jintie

  6. Sheffiel constitutional society

  7. T.W.Wards 1900-1940

  8. Hope this gets me into yor amazing site ! Interested in anything about T.W.Wards , and trying to find a Pub ? called the Hare in Gibralter Lane in the mid 1800's ...but just enjoying all your contributions...doing a great job ... Jintie