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  1. Wednesday 6 - Leeds United 0

    I wonder if history will be repeated tomorrow 1/10/17 (perhaps not )
  2. Rip Johnny Fantham

    A true gentleman and a great ambassador for the game. I had the pleasure of meeting him and a more genuine and modest man you will never find.. R.I.P. John Fantham.
  3. Sheffield history site in Canada

    OK thanks the link works. Just the search engine that does'nt recognise us.
  4. Sheffield history site in Canada

    Wash your mouth out - how very dare you ?
  5. Sheffield history site in Canada

    Many thanks . I have sent the link. We will see.
  6. Sheffield history site in Canada

    Thanks Neddy. We are trying to get THIS site . Any ideas ?
  7. I am not sure where to post this request , but my brother in Victoria Canada has been trying unsuccessfully to find this site. Excuse my ignorance in web use , but does anyone have an answer here ? N.B. It is Sheffield history site ie This one. That we are having trouble with. Any ideas please ?
  8. I know it's not a Sheffield Pub but what a place this was. When I was 18 and playing in a group,(as they were called then) we got a late booking for a new years eve. It turned out to be a near death experience. I have never seen a fight like it - bottles - tables the lot. The cause as usual was one girl and two blokes. The thing I remember most was opening the fire escape door and seeing the two coppers from last of the summer wine ,(honest) sitting in the car park waiting for it to go quite, which it did when the landlord got his German shepherd dog in. Wild west without guns.We got paid though.
  9. The Black Swan : Snig Hill, Sheffield

    Don't remember the Black Swan but I do remember the Mucky Duck.
  10. Horse and Jockey, Sheaf Street

    I am not sure but I think this was the pub we would go to at lunch time when we were on "day release" at Granvill College . One of us would ask to go to the toilet just before lunch time and run down there and order the best pork sarnies in Sheffield from the butcher next door. They would taste great with a quick pint of Stones. This would be mid 60's. the landlord was a bit *** I think.

    Spent part of my STAG night in there in October 68. Don't remember much about it except some clown trying to get us to go to the Barley Corn next, - now that was a pub ?????
  12. Victoria Hall

    Like my mate johnm I spent many happy hours in the Victoria Hall.In the 60's. One of my best memories was meeting Sir John Hunt who was promoting the Duke of Edinburgh's Award at the time. Also attending concert by the Danish equivalent of our Boy's Brigade. -F.D.F. Very good they were as well.
  13. Diseases in 1920's

    Thank you . That backs up my theory. Thanks all for your help.
  14. Diseases in 1920's

    Does anyone have any knowledge of what was going around in the 1920's please ? 5 members of my family, in the same household all died between 1922 and 28-.in 3 different addresses. I was thinking that something like T.B. may have been responsible . Any help would be very welcome.
  15. Bands Who Appeared At The Mojo Club

    The Band I was with did warm up for Rod Stewart and the Hollies, Rod was stuck on Victoria station in the freezing cold for a long time before being picked up , he was not a happy bunny.