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  1. Hi. You were in the 62nd company at Creswick Greave Methodist Church and depending on the year, I would have been Captain.What was your name and when was this please.?
  2. Thanks Neddy. The bookmaker was usually sitting in the Farfield though 'cos I was sent over to him a couple of times by the boss. My one and only win 33 to 1 with a six pence bet.
  3. My sister lives on Little Matlock Road in Stannington. An obvious connection.
  4. My one memory of the Buck was my stag night. One of our stops on our pub crawl. How I made the stairs I have no idea. Luckily we did this on the thursday so we made the church on the saturday ok.
  5. Memory plays tricks sometimes but I am sure this pub was called The Monkey by the workers at Andrews Toledo across the road. I think I am right in saying that a local "bookmaker" sat inside the door where he could leg it quick if the law came calling. Anyone else remember that ?
  6. Used to go in at lunch time some days when I worked at Walsh's store. Always dark inside as I remember.
  7. Used to make a bit of pin money there on Sunday evenings , playing drums {badly} in a piano and drums combo. Happy days.
  8. I wonder if history will be repeated tomorrow 1/10/17 (perhaps not )
  9. A true gentleman and a great ambassador for the game. I had the pleasure of meeting him and a more genuine and modest man you will never find.. R.I.P. John Fantham.
  10. OK thanks the link works. Just the search engine that does'nt recognise us.
  11. Wash your mouth out - how very dare you ?
  12. Many thanks . I have sent the link. We will see.
  13. Thanks Neddy. We are trying to get THIS site . Any ideas ?
  14. I am not sure where to post this request , but my brother in Victoria Canada has been trying unsuccessfully to find this site. Excuse my ignorance in web use , but does anyone have an answer here ? N.B. It is Sheffield history site ie This one. That we are having trouble with. Any ideas please ?
  15. I know it's not a Sheffield Pub but what a place this was. When I was 18 and playing in a group,(as they were called then) we got a late booking for a new years eve. It turned out to be a near death experience. I have never seen a fight like it - bottles - tables the lot. The cause as usual was one girl and two blokes. The thing I remember most was opening the fire escape door and seeing the two coppers from last of the summer wine ,(honest) sitting in the car park waiting for it to go quite, which it did when the landlord got his German shepherd dog in. Wild west without guns.We got paid though.