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  1. If only I could turn back the clock.
  2. Hi- Could I use your picture of the Old Bowling Green tiling in my upcoming book on Sheffield pubs? 

    1. kidneystone


      Hi. Yes of course you can use it.

    2. theimposter1979


      Cheers! How did you get the picture? What name shall I credit the picture to? 

    3. kidneystone


      Hi. The place is now a care home. My brother went to visit someone there a took the photo on the way out. He then sent me the picture by WhatsApp, I then uploaded it to this site. Although my father was not a regular drinker, this was his local when he did. That was over 60 years ago. You can credit it to Ian Dickinson, thanks.

  3. Ken Green was my uncle. His wife Elsie also worked in the shop. She is still going, she's 102 years old now. My mother, who was Elsie's sister used to send me on the bus every Saturday to go and pick up the weeks meat.
  4. I keep getting blank pages. When i click a topic etc i get a blank page and it asks me to sign in again then says oops something went wrong.
  5. Hi. I uploaded a picture but it just seemed stuck in a loop so tried five times. Now it has uploaded the photo five times. It never said it had done it. There is something wrong with the site somewhere.