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  1. kidneystone

    Butchers in the 1950s

    Ken Green was my uncle. His wife Elsie also worked in the shop. She is still going, she's 102 years old now. My mother, who was Elsie's sister used to send me on the bus every Saturday to go and pick up the weeks meat.
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  3. kidneystone

    Site Problem.

    Seems to working ok now, Thanks.
  4. kidneystone

    Site Problem 3

    I keep getting blank pages. When i click a topic etc i get a blank page and it asks me to sign in again then says oops something went wrong.
  5. kidneystone

    Site Problem.

    Hi. I uploaded a picture but it just seemed stuck in a loop so tried five times. Now it has uploaded the photo five times. It never said it had done it. There is something wrong with the site somewhere.
  6. Here is a picture of my mother (far left) taken sometime probably in the late 80s or early 90s with a group of her work colleges at Sheffield Smelting Company. I have no idea who the others in the photo are and I cant ask my mum because she died in 2004. I wonder if any of the others are still with us.
  7. kidneystone

    Tinsley Wire - as was.

    The site today and the first customer waiting for it to open.
  8. kidneystone

    Before John Lewis in Barkers Pool

    I wonder how many holes you could have got in there to fill it.