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  1. Old Sheffield Shops...

    The job had its ups and downs.
  2. Chapeltown

  3. Longley Park Swimming Pool

    The good old days
  4. Chapeltown

    I lived in Chapeltown flats up until about 1984. Me and my mate got banned from the Carousel for drinking cans of lager after time had been called on a Sunday afternoon.
  5. This is Chapeltown Station before it was moved to its present location at the side of the Asda.
  6. Sheffield's Railway Stations

    Here are some pictures of the old Chapeltown station before they moved it a couple of hundred metres nearer to the centre of Chapeltown. It is now at the side of the Asda. More pictures can be found here
  7. Page Hall

  8. Chapeltown railway station. Now been moved to the side of the Asda.
  9. Sheffield's Railway Stations

    I do believe that it is now a private residence. There are more pictures here
  10. Chapeltown's High Rise Flats

    I moved in to Hallamshire Court in 1981 and lived there for a couple of years.
  11. Sheffield's Railway Stations

    Here are a couple of then and now photo's of Chapeltown & Thorncliffe Railway station
  12. Sheffield Trams

    A short tram journey through the streets of Sheffield with some then and now photo's at the end www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgIdStQQQaQ